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Fox Theater Tickets

About Fox Theater

Fox Theater 

Located in the heart of downtown Oakland, just across the bay from the iconic San Francisco skyline, the Fox Theater. Once a movie theater, today this historic landmark holds some of the most exciting concerts and events on the West Coast, if not the entire United States – if you’ve got tickets to a show at this venue, you’re in for a really good time.


The History of the Fox Theater

The Fox Theater’s history is long. Constructed originally in 1928, this building is more than 90 years old and still going strong. From its founding until around 1965, the theater exclusively showed films. It closed down for a few years and was actually in danger of being demolished forever, but the mayor of Oakland designated it a historic landmark in 1978.

The following year it was added to the national historic register as well, but it wouldn’t be until the late 1990s when a restoration project began rehabilitating the building. Fast forward about 10 years, and the Fox Theater triumphantly reopened in 2009 as a 2,800-seat concert hall. With a new lease on life, this piece of history is now delighting modern audiences once again.


What Makes Fox Theater Events So Special?

The pure history of the Fox Theater makes events there incredibly magical. With an architectural facade that combines 1920s Art Deco design with Middle Eastern artistic influences, walking through the doors of this venue feels like stepping back in time, or even into the pages of The Arabian Nights. With VIP seating available and even a swanky in-venue bar called The Den just waiting for you, a night out at the Fox Theater will be burned into your memory for the rest of your life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Fox Theater located?

Fox Theater is located in Downtown Oakland, California.


What kind of events does Fox Theater host?

The venue serves as a school, restaurant, and prominent live concert venue. But, Fox Theater concerts are the main event, artists such as B.B. King, Paul Simon, Korn, Kylie Minogue, The Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, and Twenty One Pilots have performed here.


Which team is playing at Fox Theater?

As it’s a concert hall, no team currently plays at the venue. But, it is the home of the Oakland School for the Arts, a local charter school that focuses on performing arts education for high school students.


Where can I park for free at Fox Theater?

There are a number of lots located in the vicinity of Fox Theater for event attendees. Prices vary depending on the distance but expect to pay between $15-$30.


What is the seating capacity of Fox Theater?

Fox Theater events can seat up to 2,800 visitors.


Who owns Fox Theater?

Fox Theater is owned by the City of Oakland.


How do I get to Fox Theater using public transport?

Public transport is highly recommended by the venue! So, fans wishing to avoid the hassle of parking are in luck, as there are a few public transport options for Fox Theater events. You can walk, bike, or ride the BART. The 19th Street Oakland station is located just one block away from the venue.

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