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Spectrum Stadium

Spectrum Stadium is a football stadium on the campus of the University of Central Florida on the outskirts of Orlando. It’s located in the same complex as the rest of Central Florida’s athletic fields and has served as the home stadium of the UCF football team since 2007. The stadium also hosted the Orlando Apollos of the Alliance of American Football in 2019. Spectrum Stadium has been given the nickname of “The Bounce House” because the stadium visibly shakes when fans get rowdy and start jumping around. However, independent contractors have confirmed that the building is structurally sound.


Where are the Best Places to Sit at Spectrum Stadium

Sections 109-111 and 128-130 at Spectrum Stadium are the best places to sit close to the action and as close to the 50-yard line as possible. Sections 109-111 are situated directly behind the UCF bench while 128-130 are behind the visiting team’s bench. However, rows further back in these sections will have better sightlines and a better overall view of the field than seats in the first few rows. Sections 227, 228A, 228B, and 228C are also close to the 50-yard line but in the second level of the stadium. These seats also provide fans access to the stadium’s sun deck and a covered lounge area, making it ideal for socializing during the game. Spectrum Stadium also has three different areas of club seating available.


Tips for Visiting Spectrum Stadium

Like a lot of college football stadiums, it never hurts to get to your seat well before kickoff. Before the marching band’s pre-game performance, a knight in gold armor will ride a horse onto the field to get the festivities underway. Fans are also encouraged to light the flashlights on their cellphone for the opening kickoff, which can be quite a sight to witness, especially for a night game. Plus, with Central Florida becoming a nationally-recognized program, the stadium is usually filled with excitement for the start of the game, so you want to make sure you don’t miss any action.


Foods to Try at Spectrum Stadium

Spectrum Stadium has done a great job of incorporating local businesses into their in-stadium food options. Local favorite Four Rivers Smokehouse is one of the highlights, offering an abbreviated menu of the small chain that has half a dozen locations in the Orlando area. The Knight Dog, named for the UCF Knights, is another great option for those looking to splurge. The beef hot dog is topped with onions, salsa, and shredded pork.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Spectrum Stadium located?

This football stadium is located on the campus of the University of Central Florida on the outskirts of Orlando, Florida.


What kind of events does Spectrum Stadium host?

When it comes to Spectrum Stadium events, football takes the stage. And, as Central Florida is becoming a nationally-recognized program, the stadium is always filled with excitement.


Which team is playing at Spectrum Stadium?

This stadium has served as the home of the UCF Knights (NCAA) since 2007. The stadium also hosts the Orlando Apollos (AFF). 


Where can I park for free at Spectrum Stadium?

Fans who drive to Spectrum Stadium events on game days can park in a variety of garages and lots on campus. While some garages and lots - in the Gold Zone - require permits, fans can park for free in most areas of campus. Parking is at a first-come, first-serve basis, so we recommend you arrive early to secure your spot.


What is the seating capacity of Spectrum Stadium?

Spectrum Stadium events can seat up to 44,200 fans. 


Who owns Spectrum Stadium?

The stadium is owned by the University of Central Florida.


How do I get to Spectrum Stadium using public transport?

Fans wishing to ditch the car can rely on public transport to reach Spectrum Stadium sporting events. The UFC Transit Center and the LYNX both serve the stadium. So, depending on where you’re coming from, be sure to check your best route. 

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