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EagleBank Arena Tickets

About EagleBank Arena

EagleBank Arena

EagleBank Arena is a sports and entertainment venue that’s located on the George Mason University campus in Fairfax, Virginia. The venue opened in 1985, serving as the primary home for the George Mason men’s and women’s basketball teams. However, it’s also used frequently for hosting concerts and family-friendly performances like Disney on Ice. For basketball games, EagleBank Arena has a capacity of roughly 10,000 fans.

Where are the Best Places to Sit at EagleBank Arena

For basketball games, there are several sections of VIP seats located court-side. Outside of that, sections 101 and 116 offer the best view for fans who want to be close to the middle of the court. Meanwhile, section 130 is located behind the home bench, while section 102 is behind the visiting bench. For concerts, there are six sections of floor seats at EagleBank Arena that can get fans close to the stage. Outside of that, sections 116, 117, 101, and 130 are closest to the stage but have a side angle. Meanwhile, sections 108 and 109 offer a straight-ahead view of the stage, albeit from a distance.

Tips for Visiting EagleBank Arena

While Fairfax is one of the outer suburbs of Washington D.C., EagleBank Arena isn’t necessarily in a convenient location. There can be a lot of traffic getting from Washington to Fairfax, especially on a weeknight. Also, taking the Washington Metro to Fairfax requires a taxi or ride-sharing service to get from the metro station to the arena. The good news is that there is ample parking available near the venue. However, other than walking around the George Mason campus, there isn’t much to see or visit before and after an event at EagleBank Arena, nor are there many restaurants within walking distance.

Food to Try at EagleBank Arena

While eating options near the arena are lacking, there is no shortage of culinary options inside EagleBank Arena. The Giant George Burger and the Fat George Chicken Sandwich go above and beyond ordinary burgers and chicken sandwiches by adding bacon, mozzarella sticks, bistro sauce, and cheese. Veggie burgers are also available, as well as some tasty snacks, including ice cream, brownies, and marshmallow bars. EagleBank Arena also offers family-friendly combos and food packages to help save a little bit of money when trying to feed multiple people and increase value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is EagleBank Arena located?

EagleBank Arena is located on the George Mason University campus in Fairfax, Virginia.

What kind of events does EagleBank Arena host?

As a sports and entertainment venue, EagleBank Arena events vary greatly. Fans can attend basketball, concerts, and family-friendly performances like Disney on Ice.

Which team is playing at EagleBank Arena?

The stadium serves as the home for the George Mason men’s and women’s basketball teams. 

Where can I park for free at EagleBank Arena?

There is ample parking available for EagleBank Arena events and parking costs are included in the admission price for all events. 

What is the seating capacity of EagleBank Arena?

EagleBank Arena sporting events can host up to 10,000 cheering fans. 

Who owns EagleBank Arena?

EagleBank Arena is owned by Monumental Sports & Entertainment.

How do I get to EagleBank Arena using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach EagleBank Arena events by public transport have various bus routes and taxi services at their disposal.

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