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Desert Financial Arena Tickets
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Desert Financial Arena Tickets

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About Desert Financial Arena

Desert Financial Arena

Out in the hot Arizona desert, a short but scorching walk from Phoenix in the suburbs of Tempe, there’s one hell of an arena squatting along the horizon. Six stories tall, more than 400 feet long and 340 feet wide, the Desert Financial Arena juts from the desert landscape like an oasis of air-conditioned sports, music, and more.


History of the Desert Financial Arena

The Desert Financial Arena began its life in 1974 as part of Arizona State University’s athletics department. The ASU Activity Center, as it was originally called, hosted the school’s collegiate teams as well as its graduation ceremonies, and from the start, it was intended as a concert venue as well. Unlike some other arenas that seem to change names every few years, the ASU Activity Center kept its name until 1997 when it became known as the Desert Financial Arena. It would keep that name for another 22 years, with Desert Financial Credit Union buying naming rights in 2019.


What’s So Great About Desert Financial Arena Events?

With the Desert Financial Arena smack-dab in the middle of the ASU campus, there’s always a great crowd for any sports or concert events being hosted at this venue. It’s a great way to escape the desert heat and enjoy some truly fantastic entertainment whenever you’re in town!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Desert Financial Arena located?

Desert Financial Arena is located in Tempe, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.


What kind of events does Desert Financial Arena host?

Desert Financial Arena sporting events include basketball, volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics, and track. As well as this, the arena also plays host to graduation ceremonies and a variety of concerts and shows. 


Which team is playing at Desert Financial Arena?

This multi-purpose stadium is home to multiple Arizona State University athletic teams, known as the Arizona State Sun Devils (NCAA). Teams include men’s basketball, women's basketball, women's volleyball, women's gymnastics, and men's wrestling. 


Where can I park for free at Desert Financial Arena?

There are a number of parking garages surrounding the stadium. Some garages are free to the public on game day, while others charge parking fees. Make sure you check before parking. 


What is the seating capacity of Desert Financial Arena?

Desert Financial Arena events can seat a total of 14,000 fans.


Who owns Desert Financial Arena?

Desert Financial Arena is owned by Arizona State University. 


How do I get to Desert Financial Arena using public transport?

The use of public transportation is strongly encouraged by Arizona State University when attending Desert Financial Arena events. Fans can hop on the neighborhood shuttles and Valley Metro to reach the event on time.