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Dell Diamond Tickets

About Dell Diamond

Dell Diamond

Dell Diamond is a minor league baseball stadium in Round Rock, Texas. It opened in 2000 and serves as the home of the Round Rock Express, which is the longtime triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. The stadium has also been used to host college baseball games, rugby games, and monster truck events. It was also used as a filming location for the TV show Fear of the Walking Dead. For baseball games, Dell Diamond has a capacity of over 11,600 fans, although its record attendance is over 13,000 fans.

Where are the Best Places to Sit at Dell Diamond

There are few seats at Dell Diamond that one would categorize as a bad seat. However, the best seats available are in sections 117-121, which are located right behind home plate and provide a close view of the action. Section 119, in particular, is located directly behind the plate. Of course, keep in mind that these sections have more than 20 rows, so sitting in the front rows gets you close to the action, while the back rows of these sections provide a little more elevation and a better view of the entire field. It’s also worth noting that sections 110-112 and 126-128 are located in close proximity to the foul line, getting fans close to the action but from a different angle.

Tips for Visiting Dell Diamond

Fans visiting Dell Diamond for the first time should know that pitching legend Nolan Ryan is part of the ownership group of the Round Rock Express. As a result, there is a statue of Ryan and a mural of him that fans will want to check out. The Round Rock Hall of Fame is another attraction within the stadium outside of the game itself. Dell Diamond also features a pool and spa that fits up to 50 fans at a time and a Fun Zone for children. Of course, fans should also be aware that the heat in Round Rock can be extreme during the summer, so attending night games is always preferable if possible.

Food to Try at Dell Diamond

Inside Dell Diamond, 34 Chophouse provides restaurant-style service and some of the best food options in the stadium, especially the gourmet cheeseburgers. For burgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes, head to Fairlane’s Diner, which is located right behind home plate. The sausages and hot dogs at Frank’s Hot Dogs and the street tacos at Rojo’s Southwestern Hideaway are both among the culinary delights that can be found at Dell Diamond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Dell Diamond located?

Dell Diamond is located in Round Rock, Texas.

What kind of events does Dell Diamond host?

Dell Diamond events center around minor league baseball. But, in the past, the venue has also hosted college baseball games, rugby games, and monster truck events. 

Which team is playing at Dell Diamond?

The venue serves as the home of the Round Rock Express, the longtime triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. 

Where can I park for free at Dell Diamond?

There are plenty of parking spaces available for Dell Diamond events. Parking costs $15 per vehicle and payment is credit card only. For a stress-free event, be sure to secure your parking spot in advance.

What is the seating capacity of Dell Diamond?

Dell Diamond sporting events can host up to 13,000 cheering fans. 

Who owns Dell Diamond?

Dell Diamond is owned by Round Rock.

How do I get to Dell Diamond using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach Dell Diamond events by public transport have various bus routes and taxi services at their disposal.

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