Canadian Tire Centre Tickets
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Canadian Tire Centre Tickets

Stars on Ice
4:00 PMCanadian Tire CentreKanata, ON
Tim McGraw
7:00 PMCanadian Tire CentreKanata, ON
Cole Swindell
7:00 PMCanadian Tire CentreKanata, ON
Monster Spectacular
2:00 PMCanadian Tire Centre
PBR - Canada Cup Series
7:00 PMCanadian Tire Centre
Snoop Dogg
7:00 PMCanadian Tire CentreKanata, ON
WWE Monday Night RAW
7:30 PMCanadian Tire Centre
8:00 PMCanadian Tire CentreKanata, ON
Billy Idol
8:00 PMCanadian Tire CentreKanata, ON
Avril Lavigne
7:00 PMCanadian Tire CentreKanata, ON
Sam Hunt
7:30 PMCanadian Tire CentreKanata, ON
Jordan Davis
7:00 PMCanadian Tire CentreKanata, ON
Bruce Springsteen
7:30 PMCanadian Tire CentreKanata, ON
Sebastian Maniscalco
7:00 PMCanadian Tire CentreKanata, ON
Sum 41
6:50 PMCanadian Tire CentreKanata, ON

About Canadian Tire Centre

Canadian Tire Centre

The Canadian Tire Centre might not have the most awe-inspiring name, but it’s still one of the best indoor sports venues in the entirety of the Great White North. Located in the west end of Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, the arena can hold more than 18,000 spectators for not just ice hockey games but basketball, concert events, and even more.


History of the Canadian Tire Centre

Once upon a time, back in the Roaring Nineties, someone had a great idea to attract an NHL ice hockey franchise to Ottowa. Plans were drawn up and money was put aside, and soon the prodigious bulk of what would at first be known as The Palladium would open for business in 1996. In proud Canadian tradition, the first event held there was a Bryan Adams concert. Hey, it was the nineties.

Either way, the plan worked and the Ottowa Senators moved in shortly after the concert. They lost spectacularly to the Canadiens that first game, setting an oh-so-wonderful precedent for the future. A few renovations (and name changes) later, and we’ve got the Canadian Tire Centre of today.


What Makes Canadian Tire Centre Events So Special?

As the second-largest venue in the National Capital Region and certainly the biggest in Ottawa itself, the Canadian Tire Centre gets all the best and hottest acts around when it comes to music concerts and other events. With six restaurants, a fitness club, and the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame, there’s something for everyone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Canadian Tire Centre located?

Canadian Tire Centre is located in the western suburb of Kanata, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


What kind of events does Canadian Tire Centre host?

The arena is primarily used for ice hockey, but there are plenty of other Canadian Tire Centre events. Other than sports, it’s very common for Canadian Tire Centre concerts to attract lots of big-name acts. AC/DC, Depeche Mode, Metallica, One Direction, Bruce Springsteen, U2 – this indoor arena is a must-stop on every superstar’s North American tour.


Which team is playing at Canadian Tire Centre?

The arena serves as the home arena of the Ottawa Senators of the NHL since its opening in 1996.


Where can I park for free at Canadian Tire Centre?

There are nine official parking lots for Canadian Tire Centre events, that surround the stadium. General parking fees for NHL events in lots 5, 6 and 9 are $12 and can go up to $35 depending on the lot and event. You can pre-book your parking spot online, or pay on the day - but just note that the venue accepts cash only.


What is the seating capacity of Canadian Tire Centre?

Canadian Tire Centre sporting events, in particular, ice hockey can host up to 18,652 fans.


Who owns Canadian Tire Centre?

Canadian Tire Centre is owned by Capital Sports Properties. 


How do I get to Canadian Tire Centre using public transport?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to arrive at Canadian Tire Centre events, then public transport is your way in! OC Transpo Routes 401, 402, 403, 404 and 405 are your connection to Canadian Tire Centre from across the region.