Published: May. 12, 2020

Gametime vs. SeatGeek: How Are They Different?

Compared to its competition, Gametime is rather new to the game. It was born from the need for a more accessible mobile ticket buying experience and users’ frustration with excessive fees on other sites.

We’ve all picked up some tickets on SeatGeek, for example, put them in our cart, and found out that the two tickets that should have cost $58 combined, now cost almost $80!

Some fees are understandable, but (using that example) those fees were 41% of the combined ticket price.

But since Gametime is newer, some people haven’t tried it yet. Here are some key differences between Gametime and SeatGeek.

All About Gametime

Planning is great. But not all of us are planners, and sometimes you find out your favorite band is coming to town, like tomorrow.

It happens. There are way too many emails to sort through every day to keep up with band emails or ticket alerts. And if Gametime wasn’t invented, it’s quite possible that you wouldn’t be able to get a ticket to that soon-approaching show.

Competitor sites are all about planning ahead, but let’s be honest: life happens at the last minute – even for Gametime’s founder.

Brad Griffith, CEO, and Founder

The year was 2011, and Brad was having some pre-game drinks in a San Francisco sports bar. He and his friends were ready to leave and head to the stadium when Brads’ stomach dropped: he hadn’t printed out his tickets.

He spent five minutes trying to convince the bartender to help him out, and they finally let him use their basement office printer. He and his friends almost missed seeing the Giants win the National League Championship – all because his tickets were print-only.

After the high of that National League Championship wore off, he was still thinking about the struggle. That’s where he got the idea for Gametime, an app that will let you buy your tickets in under five clicks and show them on your mobile device.

Now no one would have to frantically bargain with a bartender for access to their office printer again!

Less Overhead, Cheaper Tickets

While Gametime has a website and overhead, its mobile-first approach cuts cost significantly. Its lower overhead translates into cheaper tickets, with fewer fees.

And speaking of fees, they’re not trying to sneak anything by you. Unlike SeatGeek, which doesn’t show your total with fees until the final page of your transaction - unless you remember to filter to show prices with fees - with All-In Pricing, Gametime always shows the cost, with fees, up-front.

Transparent pricing is one of their values as a company.

The Gametime Guarantee

Gametime knows that the time before the event is almost as important as the event itself. That’s why it guarantees that, even if you bought tickets off the app, they’ll arrive in time for the event, and even more importantly, they’ll be real tickets – or you’ll get 100% of your money back.

Gametime vs. SeatGeek: Seize the Moment!

We know that things happen at the speed of life and that often, you make a plan only to have it blow up in your face. So if you’re looking for tickets at the last minute, Gametime is the app for you.

You can get tickets for up to 90 after the event start time with the “LastCall” feature.

It’s harder to find a last-minute babysitter than it is to get last-minute tickets on Gametime. Can SeatGeek say that?

We hope you’ve learned something from this Gametime vs. SeatGeek guide. Now download the Gametime app and see how much you can save – and how fast the whole process is!



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