Published: Sep. 12, 2019

Why Bulls Ticket Prices Tend to Drop Last-Minute


Thanks to Michael Jordan and a handful of other stars who've called the Windy City home over the years, the Chicago Bulls are one of the most iconic franchises in NBA history. Unfortunately for fans, high ticket prices tend to go hand-in-hand with long-term popularity. However, with a little patience, you can take advantage of Bulls ticket prices dropping at the last minute right before the start of a game.

Wondering why it works that way? Here are some of the reasons you can get cheap Bulls tickets at the last minute: 


A Huge Arena

The Bulls play in the United Center, which is the biggest arena in the NBA in terms of capacity. For the buyer, that means they often have the upper hand when it comes to supply and demand. Though demand fluctuates based on a variety of factors, supply is nearly always strong at for Bulls tickets. For most games, the demand will decline as tipoff approaches, causing Bulls ticket prices on the secondary market to drop – meaning the cheapest Bulls ticket prices can often be scored at the last minute.


No Shortage of Games

While NFL teams only have eight home games a season, NBA teams like the Bulls have 41 home games every season. While it’s not as much as a major league baseball team, having 41 home games does lower the demand for any particular game, which helps even out Bulls ticket prices on the secondary market. People know that if they don’t make it to the game, the Bulls will be back in town just a few days later. This makes it more likely for Bulls ticket prices to drop right before the start of a game.


E-Tickets Make it Possible

It’s now possible to get mobile tickets directly on your smartphone – no paper tickets needed. Fans no longer have to print tickets or home or – gasp! – wait for them in the mail, which means they can often secure the cheapest Bulls ticket prices at the last minute, right from their phone. 


Multiple Sources for Tickets

Because fans can now easily get mobile Bulls tickets, it's no surprise that there are a variety of online sellers to choose from. With so many options, the supply of tickets on the secondary market is often high, causing Bulls ticket prices to drop. This is particularly true for fans seeking last-minute tickets. Sellers will start to get a little desperate the closer it gets to game time, knowing that their ticket is useless if they can’t sell it by the time the game starts. This means Bulls ticket prices will drop substantially in the last few hours before game time, allowing prospective buyers to check different sites in search of the cheapest tickets available.


Weather Can Interfere

In Chicago, the weather tends to play a role in what people do, especially during the brutal winter months when the Bulls are in the middle of their season. If the weather forecast changes, ticket holders may be less motivated to venture out into the cold, meaning they’ll make their tickets available on third-party sites. Since they’re putting their tickets online at the last minute, they’ll have no choice but to offer them at a discounted price, enabling buyers who don’t mind a little chill in the air to buy score the best Bulls ticket prices available.


Stars Sitting Out

A funny thing tends to happen in NBA games that we don’t see in other sports. Star players occasionally sit out games during the regular season in order to rest. Of course, teams don’t announce that their starting players until the last few hours before the game. Fans who had their hearts set on a seeing a particular player, either on the Bulls or their opponent, may decide to sell their tickets after learning that they won’t be able to see their favorite player. This adds to the supply of tickets available at the last minute, which will cause the price of the tickets to go down.


The 1st Quarter Isn’t Important

The best way to get the cheapest Bulls ticket prices available is to buy them after the game begins. If sellers can’t get rid of their tickets by tipoff, they'll drop the prices even more. There are several apps that allow fans to buy tickets after the start of the game. Obviously, you should already be close to the arena when doing this, but it’s not a bad idea to buy tickets immediately after the start of a game. You can’t beat the prices and you should arrive in plenty of time to see the most critical parts of the game.



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