Published: May. 22, 2020

How Many of These Jeff Dunham Characters Can You Recall?

If you think puppets are for kids, think again. The puppets Jeff Dunham uses in his acts are a far cry from the Muppets or Sesame Street. Instead of being cute and loveable, they each have biting personalities, that make fun of their creator, Jeff, mercilessly.

What first started out as just Jeff and the puppet, Achmed, is now a set of at least six puppets. 

Jeff seems to create new characters left and right, especially if “he’s” being featured on a show or in a movie.

This Jeff Dunham characters’ names guide will go over the main six and mention some of his less popular characters.

So, get your hand ready, and let’s get all up in these puppets, below.


Remember way back in the early 2000s when 9/11 happened? It was the act that shook the nation. Even now, twenty years later, that event is still determining our flight safety procedures.

Stress was at an all-time high all over America, as was xenophobia, especially of anyone who looked somewhat Arabian.

That’s why Achmed, Jeff’s first and most famous puppet, was so funny or at least controversial. The puppet is a failed terrorist who had goals of blowing up the US but only managed to blow himself up, instead.

Achmed is a satirical character, and Dunham is not a terrorist supporter.

And while most of Jeffs’s puppets are full-body characters, Achmed is known for his dangling skeleton and solid head – with some serious eyebrows. We don’t know how the eyebrows, and facial hair, survived the detonation when his body and skin didn’t.


We all have those kids in our lives who think they have superpowers. Whether they think their new shoes can make them run as fast as Flash or they shoot “webs” at you from their wrists when they’re mad, it’s a cute stage.

And for most people, it’s just a stage. But for puppets? It lasts forever, at least in Melvin’s case. Melvin is a large-nosed puppet with blonde hair, who thinks he’s a superhero.

The fact that he doesn’t have any superpowers, however, is something he strongly denies.

It’s hilarious to watch Jeff talk down the puppet from thinking he’s magic, and get more and more frustrated with Melvin towards the end.

Poor Melvin, you’re a hero in our books!

Bubba J

Remember the Jeff Foxworthy series, you might be a redneck if…? Well, Bubba is the redneck (yes, all of them) that the Foxworthy skit is based on.

He lives in a trailer park, he lets the bottom of his beer belly hang out, and if he could vote, he would have voted for the Republican party.

This bucktoothed dummy is always talking trash about things he knows nothing about and mentioning his favorite thing: NASCAR.

If there’s anything rednecks love, it’s watching cars go around and around in circles. But don’t worry – Bubba can tell you all about that.

Every redneck stereotype comes true in this Dunham puppet, so if you’re easily offended, beware.


Out of all his characters, Peanut is the one that looks most like the puppets you’re used to seeing. He’s furry, purple, and loveable – kind of like Barney with an adult sense of humor.

Peanut is funny – and he knows it. He’s a comedic genius and will be the first one to tell you that.

Sweet Daddy D

There’s nothing sweet about this puppet. He’s Jeff’s manager, and he has a lot, and we mean a lot, of thoughts about Jeff’s career. No matter how many places Jeff performs, nothing is ever good enough.

Sweet Daddy D, who is a velour-sweatsuit dressed black man, is never happy. If you think self-deprecating humor is funny, Sweet D is about to be your favorite character.


We all have that old person in our lives who is … well, tough to have around. Nothing is ever good enough for them, and they wish things would go back to the way they were.

In other words, they’re a curmudgeon, which is a long word for a grumpy old person.

Walter is that person, er, puppet, that we just described. He’s old, grumpy, and has more wrinkles than any other facial feature.

Ever meet an up-in-arms Boomer? That’s Walter in a nutshell.

Jeff Dunham Characters

While these are just a few of the many characters, knowing all Jeff Dunham characters’ names isn’t enough. You have to see the extreme ventriloquy skill Jeff has, and laugh at his jokes, in person.

To see Jeff and any member of his gang, check the Gametime app and find cheap Jeff Dunham tickets near you!


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