Published: May. 11, 2023

From "S.O.S." to "Sucker": The Evolution of the Jonas Brothers' Music & How to Score 2023 Tour Tickets

On the heels of a new album, the Jonas Brothers are getting set for a new tour. With the release of their sixth studio album, "The Album," the trio is hitting the road with their sensational tour, aptly named "The Tour." It’s been almost two years since the group had a proper tour, so fans are understandably eager about where the three brothers will be this summer and fall and how to score Jonas Brothers tickets during The Tour. With this potentially being the best Jonas Brothers tour to date, let’s take a look back at the history of the band and everything you need to know about the Jonas Brothers tour in 2023.

Please Be Mine

The success of the Jonas Brothers can be traced back to 2005 and the song “Please Be Mine.” That was the first song the brothers ever recorded together, and it led to them getting a record deal with Columbia Records. It was also the last song on the group’s debut album, “It’s About Time.” Ironically, Columbia Records was unimpressed with the album or its initial sales, as the Jonas Brothers were soon dropped from their label.

Second Chance

Despite being dropped by Columbia, the Jonas Brothers soon got a second chance with Hollywood Records and released their self-titled second album in 2007, one year after their debut album came out. The album produced four singles, including “S.O.S.,” which remains one of the group’s biggest hits to this day. Around that same time, the Jonas Brothers received nearly endless exposure through a variety of appearances on several Disney Channel programs. That helped boost their popularity even further. The Jonas Brothers seized that popularity by recording two more albums in quick succession. Their third album, “A Little Bit Longer,” was released in 2008, while “Lines, Vines and Trying Times” came out less than a year later in 2009. Unlike their first two albums, both of these albums would eventually reach the top spot on the Billboard charts in the U.S., cementing the three brothers as pop culture icons.

A Long Wait

It took a long decade for the Jonas Brothers to release their next album. Following their album, "Lines, Vines and Trying Times," the brothers decided to take a much-needed break from one another. However, their separation didn't hinder their individual passion for music. Kevin studied music theory, Joe explored his solo career, and Nick went on tour with his side project. 

But fate had other plans for the trio, and they reunited once more, setting the stage ablaze with their electrifying performances of their latest creations. Yet, as their musical journey continued, creative differences began to surface, pushing them to a breaking point.

Regrettably, the Jonas Brothers parted ways before they could release their eagerly anticipated fifth studio album. Instead, they decided to release a live album, capturing the essence of their unforgettable performances and introducing new songs to their devoted fans.

Fortunately, the Jonas Brothers reunited once more, releasing their long-awaited fifth studio album, “Happiness Begins,” in 2019. The first single from the album, “Sucker,” turned into one of their biggest hits and announced their triumphant return. That album was soon followed by a tour, which would have been followed by a Las Vegas residency if not for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Album

With the pandemic behind them, the Jonas Brothers returned to the road in 2021. Yet, they still found the time to work on new songs, including songs that found themselves onto movie soundtracks and NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. But in January 2023, fans finally got what they’d been waiting for with the announcement that the new Jonas Brothers album was ready. In May 2023, “The Album” came out, marking the band’s sixth studio album.

The Tour

With “The Album” coming out in May 2023, the next step for the Jonas Brothers is The Tour. The group’s 2023 tour is being described as “five albums every night.” That implies that the setlist will cover virtually the group’s entire history, although perhaps not songs from their debut album. Nevertheless, the tour will run from the middle of August to the middle of October and will include over 30 shows. Things will get started on August 12 and 13 with back-to-back shows at Yankee Stadium in New York. From there, the Jonas Brothers will travel to cities like Boston, Toronto, Indianapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Cleveland, Baltimore, Charlotte, Atlanta, Houston, Tampa, and Miami. The tour eventually wraps up on October 16 with a show at the Amway Center in Orlando.

How to Get Jonas Brothers Tour Tickets

Given the demand for Jonas Brothers tickets, only a small percentage of fans will be able to get their hands on pre-sale tickets. However, the secondary market will have tons of tickets available for every show on the tour. In fact, that might be the preferred way for fans to get their hands on Jonas Brothers tickets for The Tour. The best thing for fans to do is to wait until the last few days before the concert they want to attend. This is when ticket prices on the secondary market tend to start dropping, making it easier to find a great deal. Attending a massive tour like this doesn’t have to require months of planning. Just have a budget in mind and start monitoring ticket prices for the show you want to attend as it draws closer. That’s the best way to grab tickets to see the Jonas Brothers in 2023.

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