Published: Sep. 05, 2019

6 Reasons Brooklyn Nets Ticket Prices Drop Right Before the Game


Ever since they moved out of New Jersey and into the Barclays Center, the Brooklyn Nets have been fully embraced by their new home. The Barclays Center is perfectly situated as one of the borough’s hot spots but is also easy to travel to from other parts of New York City and Long Island. Going to a Nets game has become the perfect activity for both Brooklyn natives and visitors alike.

Another reason the Nets have become so popular is that it’s easy to find last-minute cheap Brooklyn Nets ticket prices. Since the team relocated from New Jersey, Brooklyn Nets ticket prices have been among the cheapest in the NBA. That’s due in part to the team’s on-court struggles for a few seasons, but there are other factors at play when it comes to getting cheap Nets tickets right before a game.


The Novelty Has Worn Off

When the Nets first moved to Brooklyn, it was a big deal. They were more or less an expansion franchise for a part of New York that hadn’t had a pro sports team since the Brooklyn Dodgers left. But in recent years, that novelty has started to wear off. Demand to see the Nets play has gone down, especially during the years that the team was one of the worst in the NBA. As a result, Brooklyn Nets ticket prices have plummeted considerably, even for season-ticket holders and those buying seats well in advance. And Brooklyn Nets ticket prices for those buying last-minute have come down even more.


Nets Concessions Can Be Expensive

Compared to other NBA arenas, the food and drink options at Barclays Center are significantly pricier than the average concessions. For many, the high prices are worthwhile because most of the concessions are sourced locally from Brooklyn-based companies and craft breweries. Of course, the fact that the concessions inside are so expensive does have some effect on the price of admission. The Nets just want to get people in the building, so they'll spend their money on food and beverage. Obviously, the lower the price at the box office, the lower the price when buying on the secondary market at the last second.


Prices Change Based on Opponent

Like a lot of teams, the Nets charge different prices based on the matchup. Games against the rival Knicks, for instance, tend to be more expensive than when the Nets play almost any other team in the NBA. However, with most of the league’s best teams playing in the Western Conference, the Nets have fewer games that are considered high-profile. Not only does this make Brooklyn Nets ticket prices to those games cheaper at the box office, but it also means there's lower demand for those tickets on the secondary market, making them surprisingly cheap for those hoping to buy tickets at the last minute.


Last-Minute Purchases Are Trending

Buying tickets last-minute is one of the biggest trends in the live sporting events industry. It goes without saying that Brooklyn, the place where so many trends are born, is no exception. In the past, dealing with scalpers was the only way to score seats at the last minute. But with the growth of mobile tickets and apps like Gametime, last-minute transactions can happen on your smartphone without having to meet someone in person to exchange money and tickets. The prices of tickets at the last minute are also cheaper because the seller knows time is running out. 


Other Things to Do in Brooklyn

It’s important not to overlook how many other things there are to do in Brooklyn aside from attending a Nets game. Even if you take a trip into Manhattan off the table, there is no shortage of ways to spend an evening in Brooklyn. This helps to lower the demand on Nets tickets, making it easier and cheaper to score cheap Brooklyn Nets ticket prices from sellers who are desperate to unload excess tickets.


It’s Okay to Be Late

Unless you’re a stickler for being inside the Barclays Center to watch the opening tipoff, there’s nothing wrong with showing up a little late for a Nets game. There are both scalpers and third-party sites that continue to sell tickets even after the game has started. This is the time when you’ll find the best Brooklyn Nets ticket prices. You may miss a little bit of the game, but you’ll be there for the most important parts in the second half, and ultimately, that’s all that matters.



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