Published: Dec. 16, 2019

2019-20 Capitals Season Schedule and Odds


If for some reason you forgot to prepare for the 2019-20 NHL season, you’re in luck, because it’s far from over. If you’re a fan of the Washington Capitals, there might be a lot of time left in the season. Just one year removed from their first-ever Stanley Cup championship, the Capitals once again look like contenders in the Eastern Conference, so there could another deep playoff run for the Caps, prompting many fans to wonder how much are Capitals tickets and how they can see the team in action at a good price. The good news is that there are many games left on the Capitals season schedule and many opportunities to see them in action. Let’s take a look at what lays ahead for the Caps during the rest of the 2019-20 season.


Gobble, Gobble

The Capitals have the unique honor this season of hosting games both the night before Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving. On Wednesday night, the Capitals play host to the Florida Panthers. It gets even better on Friday when the Capitals face the Tampa Bay Lightning. Those two teams seem to have a budding rivalry after meeting in a fierce 7-game series in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2018. For the players, playing the day before and after Thanksgiving must be a relief because it means not having to travel during the holidays. Of course, the deal is even better for the fans, as they have a chance to take advantage of the long holiday weekend and enjoy two great home games in the span of three days.

On the West Coast

Fans who live on the West Coast shouldn’t feel left out during the Capitals season schedule. In early December, the Capitals take a road trip out west, starting with a game in Detroit against the Red Wings on November 30, two days after Thanksgiving. That’s followed by three straight games in California against the Sharks, Kings, and Ducks. For any diehard Capitals fans who are eager to take a vacation someplace warm, the first weekend in December when the Capitals play games in San Jose, Los Angeles, and Anaheim might be the perfect time to do so.


Happy New Year

One game to circle on Washington’s schedule is a 1:00 matinee with the New York Islanders on December 31. This game may fall on a Tuesday, but because it’s New Year’s Eve, it’ll feel like a Saturday. Going to the game will be the perfect way to enjoy the holiday weekend without cutting into any evening plans you have. On top of that, the Islanders appear to be the biggest threat to Washington inside the Metropolitan Division, so the result of this game could have big ramifications in the standings at the end of the season.

A Week with the Devil

When January rolls around, Capitals fans will get their first chance to see Jack Hughes, the top overall pick in this year’s NHL Draft, in person. Hughes and the New Jersey Devils will visit Capital One Arena twice in the span of a week on both January 11 and January 16. New Jersey star defenseman P.K. Subban gives Capitals fans another reason to come out and see the team play when the Devils visit the Caps twice in less than a week.


Then Come the Penguins

Every Capitals fan knows that the Penguins are the team’s biggest rival, and due to a scheduling quirk, the two teams don’t face off for the first time this season until February. On February 2, which is also the day of Super Bowl LIII, the Capitals host the Penguins for a 12:30 matinee. Sydney Crosby and company visit the Capitals again a few weeks later for another Sunday matinee on February 23. While Capitals fans have to wait a long time to see the rival Penguins, they’ll get two games in quick succession during the month of February.


Sing the Blues

The Capitals may have own the Stanley Cup two seasons ago, but the St. Louis Blues are the current titleholders. The NHL’s two most recent champions will cross paths at Capital One Arena on March 24. For some, it might be just another Tuesday night, but for hockey fans, especially fans of the Blues and Capitals, it’s one of the biggest games on the schedule this season. With the way things are going, that game could be a potential preview of the 2020 Stanley Cup Finals.


Last Chance Saloon

If the Capitals continue to play the way they have to this point in the season, fans of the team should have ample opportunity to see playoff games at Capital One Arena. However, the team’s final game of the regular season falls on April 2 against the Minnesota Wild. Not only is it the last home game of the regular season, but it’s also Team Poster Giveaway Night at Capital One Arena, so it’s a game that no Capitals fan will want to miss.



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