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Aztec Theatre Tickets

About Aztec Theatre

Aztec Theatre

The Aztec Theatre is a historical music and entertainment venue in San Antonio, Texas. The theater originally opened in 1926 as a movie theater but closed in 1989. After multiple renovations, the Aztec Theatre was reopened permanently in 2014 as a concert venue. It has since become one of the most popular places for live music in San Antonio. The venue is located close to the city’s River Walk and has an outdoor terrace that overlooks the River Walk. The Aztec Theatre has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1992 and has a capacity of 1,477 people.

Where are the Best Places to Sit at the Aztec Theatre

Floor seats and sections T1 – T4 are the best places to sit at the Aztec Theatre, as they will get you close to the stage. T3 and T4 are the best places to be close to the stage but far enough to get a full view of the entire stage. The same principle applies to the Mezzanine section, which features a little elevation to get a nice view of the performer. There is also a Balcony section, although this is a little far away for visitors who want the best view of the performer.

Tips for Visiting the Aztec Theatre

Arriving early for a show at the Aztec Theatre should be a prerequisite for all visitors. In addition to beating the crowds, it’s an amazing theater from an architectural perspective and offers a lot to see both inside and outside. The inside of the venue is decorated with sculptures and murals with a Meso-American theme, including a painting of Hernan Cortes meeting Montezuma II. There is also a two-ton chandelier that hangs from the top of the lobby. Arriving early to a show also gives you the option of spending a little time at the San Antonio River Walk before the performance.

Food to Try at the Aztec Theatre

The Aztec Theatre has a snack bar with a few options, including pizza and nachos. However, few people should expect to eat a full meal at the venue. Fortunately, downtown San Antonio has several restaurants in close proximity to the Aztec Theater. The Esquire Tavern and Domingo Restaurant are both located across the street and represent the closest of several options for dining before or after a show at the Aztec Theatre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Aztec Theatre located?

Aztec Theatre is located in San Antonio, Texas.

What kind of events does the Aztec Theatre host?

Aztec Theatre events center around concerts. Fans can catch a show of their favorite musician at this venue, with many prominent artists performing here. 

Where can I park for free at Aztec Theatre?

There are no official parking lots for Aztec Theatre events. Fans can find nearby parking lots and spaces on ParkWhiz.

What is the seating capacity of the Aztec Theatre?

Aztec Theatre events can accommodate up to 1,477 cheering fans. 

Who owns the Aztec Theatre?

Aztec Theatre is owned by Aztec Family Group. 

How do I get to Aztec Theatre using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach Aztec Theatre events on public transport are in luck. Due to its central location, fans can rely on the bus to reach the venue. 

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