Autzen Stadium Tickets

Autzen Stadium Tickets



Idaho Football at Oregon Football
4:30 PMAutzen Stadium


Boise State Football at Oregon Football
7:00 PMAutzen Stadium


Michigan State Football at Oregon Football
6:00 PMAutzen Stadium


Ohio State Football at Oregon Football
Time TBDAutzen Stadium


Illinois Football at Oregon Football
Time TBDAutzen Stadium


Maryland Football at Oregon Football
Time TBDAutzen Stadium


Washington Football at Oregon Football
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About Autzen Stadium

Autzen Stadium

Located in Eugene, Oregon, just a short trip south from Portland, Autzen Stadium is the jewel of the University of Oregon’s athletics. With a 54,000-seat capacity that routinely gets filled and then some, this collegiate football stadium takes the cake at the largest (and, not so coincidentally, the loudest!) sports facility in Oregon.


History of Autzen Stadium

Autzen Stadium was built in 1967 after it became clear to university bigwigs that their existing college football venue, Hayward Field, wasn’t cutting it thanks to its relatively dinky 22,000-seat capacity. Thus the plans for Autzen Stadium were formed.

The stadium went up in record time and it has proven so popular that instead of tearing it down and building a new one, the university has chosen, time and again, to just renovate the original venue to bring it up to modern levels. Today, Autzen Field is a thoroughly 21st-century football field with LED screens and scoreboards throughout the arena.


What’s So Special About Autzen Stadium Events?

If you like big, boisterous crowds, you’ll love any event at Autzen Stadium. Despite how the venue’s rated for just 54,000 spectators, it’s not uncommon to have crowds of 60,000 or even more, and this makes the atmosphere in the stadium nothing short of electrifying. Also, thanks to the unique characteristics of the way the venue was constructed, it’s exceedingly loud – louder than much bigger stadiums. Finally, don’t forget your toga; since it was used as the set of National Lampoon’s Animal House, the stadium erupts with the “Shout!” scene from the movie at the end of every third quarter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Autzen Stadium located?

This outdoor football stadium is located in Eugene, Oregon, just north of the University of Oregon campus.


What kind of events does Autzen Stadium host?

There are a number of Autzen Stadium events that take place throughout the year. Local high school football games and marching band competitions are also a near-constant presence at Autzen, and it’s also a popular concert venue as well. In fact, it’s seen acts such as Garth Brooks, U2, Rage Against the Machine, Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, and others throughout its long history as a venue.


Which team is playing at Autzen Stadium?

The Oregon Ducks, the university’s PAC-12 Conference football team, have called Autzen Stadium home since it opened in 1967. 


Where can I park for free at Autzen Stadium?

Autzen Stadium's parking lot opens six hours before kick-off and requires reserved parking passes provided exclusively to Duck Athletic Fund members. All other season and single ticket holders can purchase advance parking passes at the adjacent Eugene Science Center. 


What is the seating capacity of Autzen Stadium?

The official capacity for Autzen Stadium events is 54,000. However, attendance at the stadium regularly exceeds 54,000.


Who owns Autzen Stadium?

This outdoor football stadium is owned by the Oregon Ducks.


How do I get to Autzen Stadium using public transport?

There aren’t many public transport options for reaching Autzen Stadium events. You can catch bus route 13 which will drop you off nearby. You can also hop on the game-day shuttle to the stadium by Lane District Transit. The busses start running three hours before kick-off. Buses depart from eight park and ride locations, and round-trip tickets cost $5 each.