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Arizona Stadium Tickets

About Arizona Stadium

Arizona Stadium

Just over a hundred miles southeast of Phoenix in sunny Tuscon, Arizona, Arizona Stadium is a 50,000-plus-capacity outdoor football arena located on the University of Arizona campus. Nearly a century old, it’s gone through dozens of renovations over the decades, and today it’s an integral part of the entire university campus, housing not one but two dormitories under the south stands but also the school’s telescope mirror lab as well. Talk about pulling double duty!

The History of Arizona Stadium

Originally constructed in 1929 and opening with just a capacity of 7,000, Arizona Stadium has grown alongside the school at a breakneck pace. Built with bleachers just on one side in the beginning, by 1947 enough seats were added around the entirety of the field to accommodate 17,000 fans. Soon, bleachers would give way to multi-tiered seating, luxury press boxes, and all the other amenities you’d expect from a modern 21st-century football stadium!

What Makes Arizona Stadium Events So Special?

The University of Arizona loves its Wildcats, and this venue is proof positive of that. Arizona Stadium has one of the largest student seating sections in the entire PAC-12 conference, and game days are always electrifying events thanks to the huge number of students in the stands, chanting, and cheering. It’s a raucous, rowdy, and downright fun atmosphere that you really won’t find anywhere else, so if you’ve got a chance to get tickets to a Wildcats game, don’t miss the opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Arizona Stadium located?

Arizona Stadium is located in Tuscon, Arizona.

What kind of events does Arizona Stadium host?

The venue has also been used in the past by university track and field teams until 1981 when the track was removed during a renovation. The school also uses the football stadium for events like commencement, major concerts, and, as noted before, the building itself houses two dorms and an important technology lab for the school’s observatory.

Which team is playing at Arizona Stadium?

Arizona Stadium has been the home of the Arizona Wildcats, the school’s NCAA football team, since 1929.

Where can I park for free at Arizona Stadium?

There is abundant parking available for Arizona Stadium sporting events. Parking prices vary depending on the lot. We recommend you arrive with time to spare to secure your spot. 

What is the seating capacity of Arizona Stadium?

Arizona Stadium sporting events can host up to 50,000 cheering fans. 

Who owns Arizona Stadium?

Arizona Stadium is owned by the University of Arizona.

How do I get to Arizona Stadium using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach Arizona Stadium events by public transport can hop on the Tuscon Sun Link to 2nd/Cherry, which will drop you off right by the stadium. 

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