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About Amalie Arena

Amalie Arena

Looking for something fun to do for the whole family while you’re in Tampa, Florida? Then you might want to check out what’s happening at the Amalie Arena. This venue is more than just a hockey rink; it’s an entertainment center that hosts an array of sporting events and shows.


The History

Over the years, the name of Amalie Arena has changed several times. First known as the Ice Palace, in August 2002 the naming rights went to St. Petersburg Times who changed the name yet again. It finally became Amalie Arena in 2014 when Amalie Oil Company bought the rights and changed the name to what it is today. The Ice Palace first opened its doors in 1996 and hosted the Lightning and New York Rangers hockey games.

Although the Amalie Arena is best suited for hockey games, you can find basketball, and arena football games hosted here. The Amalie Arena is also known to be the home of the Tampa Bay Lightning team for the NHL and it hosts concerts when there are no practices or games being played. This venue has also been home to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2004 and the NHL All-Star Game in 1999 and in 2018. In 2010, the arena was slated to accommodate the Orlando Magic’s against the Miami Heat in a preseason game. As for shows, don’t be surprised to find Marvel Universe Live! or Gymnastics Championships here. 


What’s so special about Amalie Arena?

Although the Amalie Arena isn’t as big as other venues, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t packed with fun. You can find all sorts of things to do here to get away from the humidity in Tampa, Florida. Take in a live show, watch the Lightning practice in the off-season, or take in a basketball game.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Amalie Arena located?

Amalie Arena is located in Tampa, Florida. 


What kind of events does Amalie Arena host?

Amalie Arena events range from ice hockey, basketball, arena football games, and many concerts.


Which team is playing at Amalie Arena?

Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) are the main tenants of the Amalie Arena.


Where can I park for free at Amalie Arena?

There are 11 lots and garages that serve the stadium. Depending on which direction you come from, you have different parking options closer to you. The furthest lot is a 10-minute walk, making it very convenient to arrive at the arena. Availability and prices vary depending on the Amalie Arena event.


What is the seating capacity of Amalie Arena?

The seating capacity varies for different Amalie Arena events. Ice hockey games can host 19,092 people, and basketball 20,500, whereas for concerts, 21,500 fans can attend. 


Who owns Amalie Arena?

Amalie Arena is owned by Hillsborough County, Florida.


How do I get to Amalie Arena using public transport?

Fans wishing to save some bucks when attending Amalie Arena events can hop on the TECO Line Streetcar System transit line which serves the city of Tampa. The Amalie Arena station will drop you off right by the stadium, making it fairly easy to reach the arena on game days.