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The Catalyst Tickets

About The Catalyst

The Catalyst

The Catalyst is a nightclub that’s located in downtown Santa Cruz in Northern California. The venue first opened at its current location in 1973. Over the years, it’s hosted everyone from local musicians to world-renown artists like Nirvana, Neal Young, the Beach Boys, and Pearl Jam. For performances of all kinds, the Catalyst can hold up to 800 people.

Where are the Best Places to Sit at The Catalyst

All tickets for shows at The Catalyst are general admission only. That means visitors are free to move around during the show. However, if you prefer to sit close to the stage or in a particular part of the venue, you’ll want to arrive early to claim your spot. The good news is that the venue is relatively small, so no matter where you are located, there’s a good chance you won’t be far from the stage. For those who prefer to sit down, there is a small collection of seats in the balcony of the venue.

Tips for Visiting The Catalyst

Since it’s a small venue, it’s common for the air inside to get hot and stale. Keep this in mind when dressing for a show because it’s unlikely that there will be any doors open to help ventilate the area around the stage. The good news is that The Catalyst is located in a vibrant part of Santa Cruz that’s within walking distance of plenty of restaurants and shopping. Most of the time, it’s also relatively easy to find parking near the venue.

Food to Try at The Catalyst

The Catalyst has both a bar and a makeshift pizza parlor. Visitors often rave about the quality of the pizza inside the venue, with slices of cheese, pepperoni, pesto, and supreme being available. There is also a selection of fried foods available in The Catalyst’s kitchen, including chicken nuggets, wings, mozzarella sticks, and corn dogs. For those looking for dessert, the venue also offers fried Oreos and fried Twinkies. However, the pizza is typically the main attraction in terms of food at The Catalyst.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Catalyst located?

The Catalyst is located in downtown Santa Cruz in Northern California.

What kind of events does The Catalyst host?

At The Catalyst, concerts are what you’ll find.

Where can I park for free at The Catalyst?

There is no official parking available for The Catalyst events. But, There are plenty of parking garages surrounding The Catalyst. As a general rule, the further you park, the cheaper the parking. 

What is the seating capacity of The Catalyst?

The Catalyst events can accommodate up to 800 cheering fans. 

Who owns The Catalyst?

The Catalyst is owned by Joel Nelson.

How do I get to The Catalyst using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach The Catalyst events on public transport are in luck. The Catalyst’s central location makes it easily accessible on the Subway, Bus, and by Taxi. 

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