State Farm Stadium Tickets

State Farm Stadium Tickets



Copa America 2024: Group D - Colombia vs Costa Rica
3:00 PMโ€ขColombia v Costa Ricaโ€ขState Farm Stadium


Copa America 2024: Group B - Ecuador vs Mexico
5:00 PMโ€ขEcuador vs Mexicoโ€ขState Farm Stadium


Copa America 2024: Quarterfinals - 1D vs 2C
3:00 PMโ€ขQuarterfinalsโ€ขState Farm Stadium


Preseason: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals
5:00 PMโ€ขState Farm Stadium


Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals
1:05 PMโ€ขState Farm Stadium


Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals
1:25 PMโ€ขState Farm Stadium


Washington Commanders at Arizona Cardinals
1:05 PMโ€ขState Farm Stadium


Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals
6:00 PMโ€ขState Farm Stadium


Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals
2:05 PMโ€ขState Farm Stadium


New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals
2:25 PMโ€ขState Farm Stadium


Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals
2:05 PMโ€ขState Farm Stadium


New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals
2:25 PMโ€ขState Farm Stadium


Fiesta Bowl - CFP Quarterfinal
5:30 PMโ€ขState Farm Stadium


San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals
Time TBDโ€ขState Farm Stadium


Arizona Cardinals Season Tickets
Time TBDโ€ข2024 Season Passโ€ขState Farm Stadium

About State Farm Stadium

State Farm Stadium

Just west of Phoenix, the great State Farm Stadium, a modern multi-purpose arena, glitters in the hot desert sun like a massive flying saucer. This ultra-sleek venue might be the home of the Arizona Cardinals, but there’s so much more the State Farm Stadium offers fans of all types of sports and events.


The History of State Farm Stadium

State Farm Stadium is one of the newest and most modern arenas in the NFL. Opened in 2006 with cutting-edge features like a roll-in grass field and a retractable roof, this new venue was a smash hit almost from the start. In fact, Business Week magazine named it one of the “most impressive” new arenas ever built just after it opened.

State Farm Stadium sports events revolve around the Cardinals, who were very happy to move in after squatting in college arenas since they arrived from St. Louis in the 1980s. But this venue is a multi-purpose arena, so there’s no end to the types of events it can host. College football, college basketball, professional soccer, and even pro wrestling events have been held at State Farm Stadium over the years. This includes WrestleMania XXVI in 2010, where the WWE packed in more than 72,000 rabid fans going absolutely wild in the Phoenix desert!

Not enough for you? State Farm Stadium concerts are practically legendary. From the Black Eyed Peas and the Rolling Stones to Metallica, U2, and Beyoncé, this arena has seen all the big names. You name it and they’ve been there. If they haven’t, well, that’s their loss, isn’t it?


State Farm Stadium Events

State Farm Arena has some serious chops when it comes to design and amenities. There are literally zero blind spots in this venue, and that means there are no obstructed view seats anywhere thanks to its unique construction. It takes only 12 minutes for that retractable roof to open and close, keeping you safe and sound from the elements no matter what. On top of that, this arena is a tailgater’s dream come true with its Great Lawn, 8 acres of custom-landscaped space for you and your most ambitious pregaming desires. There’s no other way to say it: State Farm Stadium events are always off the chain!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is State Farm Stadium located?

This multi-purpose American football stadium is located in Glendale, Arizona, just west of Phoenix. 


What kind of events does State Farm Stadium host?

State Farm Stadium events include football and concerts. The most common events are NFL matchups, which can be attended at the stadium all season long.


Which team is playing at State Farm Stadium?

State Farm Stadium is the home of the Arizona Cardinals (NFL) and the annual Fiesta Bowl.


Where can I park for free at State Farm Stadium?

There are 14,000 on-site parking spaces for State Farm Stadium events attendees, making parking a breeze. There are an additional 12,000 adjacent spaces all located around the stadium. It’s recommended that fans pre-book their parking spaces, directions and instructions can be found on the back of the tickets.


What is the seating capacity of State Farm Stadium?

State Farm Stadium events can seat 63,400 fans, and capacity can expand to 78,600.


Who owns State Farm Stadium?

The stadium is owned by the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority.


How do I get to State Farm Stadium using public transport?

Situated right next to the Gila River Arena, fans can hop onto a number of bus routes or taxis that will drop them off right at the stadium.