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Avaya Stadium

Located in beautiful San Jose, California, just a stone’s throw from the iconic city of San Francisco and within spitting distance of San Jose International Airport is one of Major League Soccer’s biggest, newest, and most amazing soccer pitches. Known as Avaya Stadium, it’s the home of the San Jose Earthquakes, and despite its young age it can rock and roll with the best of them for sure.


History of Avaya Stadium

Built-in the Airport West region of San Jose (which is, funnily enough, just west of the airport), Avaya Stadium opened its doors for the first time in 2015. The story behind building the venue stretches much further back, though, as the saga began in 2008 and seemed to face delays of every kind, from financing and zoning problems to having to clear out an unexpected warren of underground concrete pilings leftover from a factory that had been on-site years before. Finally, though, the stadium came into its own and has immediately become a fan favorite.


What Makes Avaya Stadium Events So Special?

Avaya Stadium events are loaded with modern amenities, thanks to how new this open-air arena is. With a canopy roof and some very steep raked seating, you’ll never miss a moment of a match either from sun, rain, or being in a bad seat. Combine that with the venue hosting the largest outdoor bar in North America and you’ve got a recipe for the best kind of trouble.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Avaya Stadium located?

Avaya Stadium is situated in San Jose, California. 


What kind of events does Avaya Stadium host?

The venue may be a soccer stadium, but Avaya Stadium events and not solely soccer. You can also catch many Rugby matches at the stadium. 


Which team is playing at Avaya Stadium?

The San Jose Earthquakes of Major League Soccer are the proud tenants of Avaya Stadium. It’s not just MLS soccer games that this venue hosts though; the US Women’s Soccer Team also has played games there.


Where can I park for free at Avaya Stadium?

There are a number of official lots for fans attending Avaya Stadium sporting events. Depending on the lot you choose, parking starts at $25 for MLS matches. 


What is the seating capacity of Avaya Stadium?

Avaya Stadium events can host approximately 18,000 fans.


Who owns Avaya Stadium?

The stadium is owned by the San Jose Earthquakes. 


How do I get to Avaya Stadium using public transport?

Fans wishing to avoid the hassle of parking can utilize the many public transport options San Jose has to offer. ACE, Amtrak, and Caltrain, all serve Santa Clara station so no matter where you’re coming from, you’re covered. You can also catch a free VTA -route 10- from  Metro/Airport station, or simply jump in a Uber to arrive at your Avaya Stadium sporting events in time for kickoff. 

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