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Germania Insurance Amphitheater Tickets

About Germania Insurance Amphitheater

Austin360 Amphitheater

Austin360 Amphitheater is an outdoor amphitheater that was renamed the Germania Insurance Amphitheater in 2020. It’s located in Del Valle, Texas, which is a few miles outside the state capitol of Austin. The venue first opened in 2013 and can hold roughly 14,000 people with over 5,000 permanent seats. However, a majority of the visitors sit in a general admission area on a grassy hill. The amphitheater serves as a concert venue within the Circuit of the Americas, which is a race car track.

Where are the Best Places to Sit at Austin360 Amphitheater?

The best seats at the Austin360 Amphitheater can be found in sections 103 and 105. These sections are close to the center of the stage with a slightly elevated view. Sections 203 and 205 have a similar angle but will be a little further back. If you prefer to be as close to the stage as possible, sections 2, 3, and 4 are the best options. 

Tips for Visiting Austin360 Amphitheater

If you want to spend time at the Circuit of the Americas before or after a concert at Austin160 Amphitheater, there is a parking area for RVs. Overnight spaces can be purchased at the Germania Insurance Amphitheater website, allowing you to experience all that Circuit of the Americas has to offer aside from a concert venue. If you plan on only visiting for the show, you’ll be glad to know that parking is included in the price of your ticket. Lots open one hour before the start of the show, which is important if you have a general admission ticket and want to get the best spot possible on the grass.

Food to Try at Austin360 Amphitheater

To the left of the stage (if you’re looking directly at the stage) at Austin360 Amphitheater, there is a row of over a dozen food and beverage vendors. The specific vendors can vary from one event to the next. However, the options typically include a combination of local food trucks, local businesses, and national chains. Pizza, Tex-Mex, and BBQ options are heavily featured, although there are always vegetarian options available as well. Beverages of all kinds, including soft drinks, are also available at most of the concession stands at Austin360 Amphitheater. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Austin360 Amphitheater located?

Austin360 Amphitheater is located within the Circuit of the Americas racing track, Del Valle, Texas.

What kind of events does Austin360 Amphitheater host?

Austin360 Amphitheater concerts are the main event, with artists such as Mumford & Sons, Kenny Chesney, Wiz Khalifa, Train, Lil Wayne, Maroon 5, and many more, gracing the stage!

Which team is playing at Austin360 Amphitheater?

As this is a music venue no team plays here. 

Where can I park for free at Austin360 Amphitheater?

Austin360 Amphitheater concerts have ample parking in multiple lots. Standard parking is included in the price of your event ticket, and various parking upgrades are available for purchase.

What is the seating capacity of Austin360 Amphitheater?

Austin360 Amphitheater events can accommodate up to 14,000 cheering fans. 

Who owns Austin360 Amphitheater?

Austin360 Amphitheater is owned by Circuit of the Americas.

How do I get to Austin360 Amphitheater using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach Austin360 Amphitheater events on public transport don’t have many public transport options at their disposal. However, the venue is reachable by shuttle and taxi. 

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