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Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium Tickets

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About Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium

Faurot Field

Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium is a college football stadium on the campus of the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. Since 1926, it’s served as the home stadium of the Missouri Tigers football team and is also used to host other sports and entertainment events. The venue is perhaps best known for the giant “M” formed by whitewashed rocks in the north end zone. After many renovations and expansions, Faurot Field currently has a capacity of over 61,000 fans for Missouri football games.

Where are the Best Places to Sit at Faurot Field

The most comfortable place to sit at a Missouri football game is the East Side Club. However, the seats with the best view of the action are sections 120-122 on the home sideline and sections 104-106 on the visitor’s sideline. There is also a slim number of seats available in the 200-level of the stadium which features chair backs. The hill behind the north end zone where the giant “M” is located is a general admission area for fans.

Tips for Visiting Faurot Field

There isn’t a lot to see in the immediate area surrounding Faurot Field, although there is a great tailgate scene on game days. Fans can usually find parking around the stadium and set up their tailgate just about anywhere. Eating or drinking at bars or restaurants before the game will require a little bit of walking. It’s also best for fans to attend night games at Faurot Field. During the day, there aren’t many shaded seats inside the stadium. Also, night games allow more time for pre-game tailgating.

Food to Try at Faurot Field

All of the basic stadium food can be found at Faurot Field, but since the stadium isn’t close to many restaurants, fans can enjoy many of the specialty items offered at concession stands found throughout the stadium. Cheesesteaks and barbecue sandwiches should be at the top of the list for most fans. There are also several specialty hot dogs available, including the M Dawg, Faurotious Dawg, and the Big Zou Dawg. The mac and cheese burnt end sandwich is also one of the stadium’s most popular items. For something a little lighter, Faurot Field has plenty of great appetizers, including garlic fries and crispy potatoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Faurot Field located?

Faurot Field is located on the campus of the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri.

What kind of events does Faurot Field host?

Faurot Field events are mainly focused on football games. The venue has hosted other sports and entertainment events too. 

Which team is playing at Faurot Field?

The venue is primarily used as the home stadium of the Missouri Tigers football team. 

Where can I park for free at Faurot Field?

There are several parking lots available for Faurot Field events, however, they are reserved Tiger Scholarship Fund members, who hold season-long football parking permits. If you don’t happen to hold this permit and wish to find nearby parking, there are plenty of public lots in the area. Generally speaking, the further you park from the stadium the cheaper the rates. 

What is the seating capacity of Faurot Field?

Faurot Field events can host over 61,000 cheering fans. 

Who owns Faurot Field?

Faurot Field is owned by the University of Missouri.

How do I get to Faurot Field using public transport?

Fans wishing to reach Faurot Field events by public transport have plenty of bus routes, shuttle, and taxi services at their disposal.