Published: Dec. 16, 2021

Knicks Stadium Tour and Seating Chart

There is only one venue like Madison Square Garden in the world, and it’s where the New York Knicks are lucky enough to play their home games. The Knicks stadium is one of the most iconic sports and entertainment venues in the world. Getting Knicks tickets isn’t just a chance to see an NBA game but also a chance to visit one of the all-time legendary sports venues. When you visit Madison Square Garden, there’s no doubt you want to make the experience a special one and get the best tickets possible. Let’s explore the venue and the seating chart a little closer to help give you an idea of where you want to sit when going to a Knicks game or any event at Madison Square Garden. 

Court Side and Club


There is no question that courtside seats at Madison Square Garden are some of the best seats in all of American sports. During Knicks games, there are 145 courtside seats available, getting fans as close to the action as possible, not to mention getting the opportunity to rub elbows with celebrities. The caveat is that these seats can be difficult to get for people who aren’t members of the Delta Sky 360 Club or the J.P. Morgan Club.

Outside of courtside seats, club seating at Madison Square Garden is a great way to get a close view of the court during Knicks games and access amenities that other fans don’t get. The Delta Sky 360 Club has seats along the sidelines, including Section 6, located right behind the home team bench. The Madison Club also has extra amenities but a different view. These seats are located behind one of the baskets between the 100 and 200 levels, giving fans a nice view of the entire court from a mid-range elevation. Finally, there is the Loft, which is new to Madison Square Garden and offers a similar view to the Madison Club but from the other side of the court.

Behind the Bench

Fortunately, club seats aren't the only way to get a great vantage point or sit behind the bench at a Knicks game. Seats in Section 108 will put fans directly being the Knicks bench while Section 106 is directly behind the visiting team’s bench. In between, Section 107 offers some of the best views of the entire court along with Section 117, which is located directly across from the team benches. Of course, seats throughout the circular 100-level section offer a fantastic view of the court and direct access to the main level concourse at Madison Square Garden, which is more spacious than the upper levels of the venue. Naturally, there are price changes the closer you get to the front of the section and the closer you get to the middle of the court. 

The Middle Level

While any fan would jump for the chance to sit as close to the court as possible for a Knicks game at MSG, the 200 level seats aren’t bad either. Just like the 100-level, the 200-level at MSG forms a complete circle around the court, with more seats being available in the middle of the court. That means sections 210-212 and 223-225 should provide an excellent view of the court without making fans feel like they’re too far away. These are also some of the most affordable Knicks tickets available. The exact price will depend on how far back they are and how close they are to the middle of the court. However, there are no more than 25 rows in any 200-level section, so it’s tough to find a bad seat in this area.

The Chase Bridge


The Chase Bridge is one of the most unique places to sit at Madison Square Garden. The bridge makes up sections 310-316 on one side of the court and sections 324-328 on the other side. These are small sections, designed like a catwalk, that more or less hang over seats in the back of the 200-level section. While high up, these seats provide a true birds-eye view of the court that’s rarely seen in other venues. In terms of providing a unique view and experience, tickets on the Chase Bridge are almost comparable to sitting courtside or getting club seats. In fact, many diehard fans prefer the seats on the Chase Bridge because they are wider than other seats at Madison Square Garden and offer more padding. 

The Balcony

The upper levels of Madison Square Garden also include areas referred to as The Balcony, which are the highest seats on the ends of the arena - these are sections 317-323 on the West side of the arena and 301-309 on the East. Each of these sections only has three rows, creating a more intimate setting for fans but providing a full view of the court. Even if the Balcony is higher than any other seats in MSG, these tickets still get you into the most famous arena in the world for an experience you’ll never forget.

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