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Bankers Life Fieldhouse Tickets
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Bankers Life Fieldhouse Tickets

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About Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Bankers Life Fieldhouse

The Midwest has a long, proud history of fantastic basketball, and that means some of the best arenas in the world are right there in America’s Breadbasket. The world-famous Indiana Pacers, based in the fantastic city of Indianapolis, deserve nothing but the best when it comes to venues and the Bankers Life Fieldhouse delivers that excellence from every seat.


The History of the Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Opening in November of 1999, the Fieldhouse replaced the aging Market Square Arena, which had been built in the late 70s and was really feeling its age. The Fieldhouse has turned out to be an incredible placement, consistently winning awards for one of the best, if not the very best, indoor arenas in not just the NBA but across all the different pro sports venues in the US and beyond. That’s some high praise!

Bankers Life Fieldhouse sports events include the Pacers, which play all their home games right there in Indianapolis. The Fieldhouse hosts plenty of other events too, from ice hockey to pro wrestling to high school sports to even midget car and go-kart racing.

That’s not all, though. Musical acts are constantly stopping by to play this arena, and Bankers Life Fieldhouse concerts include such entertainers as Cardi B, the Jonas Brothers, Bob Seger, and countless others. It’s a shining example of how one indoor venue can become a cultural event center for an entire city.


What makes Bankers Life Fieldhouse events so great?

Bankers Life Fieldhouse events are always a blast, thanks to the amenities of this indoor venue. Dozens of concession stands and restaurants line every level from the main concourse to the balcony, luxury and VIP suites can accommodate any size party, and even just the accessibility of the arena means that you’ll never have a hard time getting in, finding your seats, enjoying the show, or even finding a nearby bathroom. The Bankers Life Fieldhouse remains the gold star of sports venue experiences, and it’s going to remain that way for a very long time. If you pass up an opportunity to catch a game or event at this five-star arena, you are seriously missing out!



Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bankers Life Fieldhouse located?

This arena is located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.


What kind of events does Bankers Life Fieldhouse host?

Bankers Life Fieldhouse events range greatly. From basketball to concerts, to ice hockey there is always something to see. The most common type of events is exciting NBA games.


Which team is playing at Bankers Life Fieldhouse?

The arena is the home of the Indiana Pacers (NBA) and the Indiana Fever (WNBA).


Where can I park for free at Bankers Life Fieldhouse?

Downtown parking can be a hassle during game days, but there are a number of options for those traveling by car. There are a few privately owned lots and garages in the vicinity of the arena, prices for these spaces range from $10-$20. The most convenient parking location is the Virginia Avenue Parking Garage. For this 2,200-space garage, prices vary, but the standard rate for all day is $12. There are also some meter spaces in the area which cost $1.50 an hour on Mondays through Saturdays, and are free on Sundays! 


What is the seating capacity of Bankers Life Fieldhouse?

The Fieldhouse was designed primarily for basketball and can accommodate up to 17,923 spectators. But, this number is reduced for other Bankers Life Fieldhouse sporting events such as ice hockey to 12,300.


Who owns Bankers Life Fieldhouse?

The Fieldhouse is owned by the Capital Improvement Board in the City of Indianapolis.


How do I get to Bankers Life Fieldhouse using public transport?

For fans looking to avoid the hassle of finding parking in downtown Indianapolis, you can hop on the Indy Go Bus which serves the arena and provides convenient and inexpensive access to all of the downtown area.