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About Allstate Arena

Allstate Arena

Located just outside Chicago city limits in the suburbs of Rosemont, Allstate Arena is one of the oldest and well-visited multi-use indoor arenas in the entire Midwest. With a capacity of 17,500 for basketball, 16,652 for ice hockey, and more than 18,000 for concert events, this venue is a popular choice for all sorts of sports teams and performers on tour around the country.


History of Allstate Arena

Originally known as the Rosemont Horizon, the Allstate Arena opened its doors in 1980. It was already famous even before it held its first concert, thanks to a rather infamous construction mishap the year before that saw its roof partially collapse. Luckily the issue was resolved well before it opened, and the Horizon, which was renamed the Allstate Arena in 2000, has been hosting sports events and concerts ever since, all of which have gone off without a hitch. Well, except for that Creed concert in 2002 when Scott Stapp was so blitzed that he fell asleep on stage, but that wasn’t the Arena’s fault, now was it?


What Makes Allstate Arena Events So Special?

Allstate Arena has always been known as a “fan first” venue. The arena was designed to provide great sightlines from every seat in the house, and it’s easy to get to thanks to lots of nearby public transport links. You can even rest easy about concession stand food if you’ve got allergies, as the entire arena is certified peanut-free. You’d have to be “nuts” to pass on an event at this venue!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Allstate Arena located?

Allstate Arena is situated in Rosemont, Illinois, adjacent to the city limits of Chicago and the O'Hare International Airport. 


What kind of events does Allstate Arena host?

Countless Allstate Arena events have taken place in the more than 4 decades it’s been open. When it comes to sports it has a full history, acting as home turf for many college and minor league teams. The DePaul Blue Demons, the school’s Division I NCAA basketball team, played at the arena from opening to 2017, for example. The American Hockey League’s Chicago Wolves have also been housed at the Arena since 1994 and continue to play games there.

Other events like WWE wrestling matches, WNBA games, and arena football competitions are all held at this venue as well. Whenever there’s not a game, though, Allstate Arena is likely hosting musical guests. Marilyn Manson, Britney Spears, Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift – the Arena is mega-popular and just about everyone who’s anyone has played there.


Which team is playing at Allstate Arena?

The arena is home to the Chicago Wolves (AHL) and has served as the home arena for several other teams, most notably the DePaul Blue Demons from 1980 through 2017.


Where can I park for free at Allstate Arena?

There are many parking spaces available for fans attending Allstate Arena events. Parking can be found close to all entrances of the Arena and prices range from $15-$25. Parking must be paid in cash at the door and opens two hours before events. There are other unofficial parking spaces in the vicinity, so if you don’t mind a walk, and are trying to avoid parking, check out other garages - they will be cheaper too. 


What is the seating capacity of Allstate Arena?

Allstate Arena sporting events can seat 17,500 for basketball and 16,692 for ice hockey. For concerts, the arena expands to 18,500. 


Who owns Allstate Arena?

The arena is owned by the village of Rosemont.


How do I get to Allstate Arena using public transport?

If you’re looking for a way to avoid traffic public transport is the way to go. There are a number of public transport options available for fans attending Allstate Arena events. The Pace bus, Metra rail, and Chicago Transit Authority all serve the arena and will get you there on time. 

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