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Cincinnati Reds Tickets
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Reds vs. Indians Tickets

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About Reds vs. Indians

Reds vs Indians Tickets

Out of all of the intra-city and intra-state rivalries in baseball, one that frequently gets lost in the shuffle is the one between the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds. Thanks to interleague play, fans from northern Ohio and southern Ohio get to enjoy this matchup yearly. The two teams even play for a trophy called the Ohio Cup, leaving little doubt that this is a fierce rivalry and a big deal for fans on both sides.


Reds vs Indians

Oddly enough, this rivalry pre-dates interleague play. Starting in 1989, the Reds and Indians played an exhibition game every year in the Ohio capital of Columbus, usually in front of a sold-out crowd. When interleague play was introduced in 1997, the two Ohio clubs began playing regular-season games every year, with each team getting to host the other on its home field for a series. The Ohio Cup trophy was introduced in 2008, giving both teams even more motivation to beat their in-state rival.

One of the wonderful parts of this rivalry is that both teams have an ideal home stadium for hosting rivalry games. Progressive Field in Cleveland has a great downtown location and creates an environment that’s welcoming to both home and away fans. Meanwhile, the Reds play their home games at the aptly named Great American Ball Park, which also has a perfect location on the banks of the Ohio River and lives up to its name in every way possible.


Finding Cheap Reds vs Indians Tickets

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