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Cleveland Indians Tickets
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Indians vs. Tigers Tickets

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About Indians vs. Tigers

Indians vs Tigers Tickets

Of all the rivalries in the AL Central, the one between the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers might have the most potential. They’ve both been around for over 100 years and have competed in the same division almost the entire time. The two teams are also closer in proximity than any two teams in the AL Central. Plus, Ohio and Michigan share a border and have rival teams in other sports.

Alas, the rivalry has never taken off. Part of the problem is that the Indians and Tigers have almost never been good at the same time. When one team is up and competing for a playoff spot, the other team is stuck in the basement, and vice versa. The fact that they aren’t bitter rivals is one of the great anomalies in baseball. However, all the ingredients are there, so it might take just the slightest of sparks to ignite a great baseball rivalry between the Tigers and Indians.


Indians vs Tigers

One thing that could help spark the Cleveland-Detroit rivalry on the baseball diamond is some tension in the stands between fans. Fortunately, both teams have top-notch ballparks. The Tigers have Comerica Park, which is located in downtown Detroit and has a number of unique features, including a Ferris wheel and a carousel inside the stadium. Cleveland’s Progressive Field helped to start the trend of stadiums in downtown areas and offers Indians fans several great amenities even as the ballpark begins to age. With Cleveland and Detroit so close in proximity and both teams having a great home stadium, there’s no excuse for fans on both sides to invade the other’s home park to help jumpstart the Tigers-Indians rivalry.


Finding Cheap Indians vs Tigers Tickets

If you’re hoping to find cheap Indians vs Tigers tickets, you’re the right place. For every game these two teams play against one another, you’ll be able to check out dates, times, and ticket prices right here. Tickets tend to be a little more expensive at the home stadium of the better team, which at the moment, is the Indians. But tickets are usually affordable whether you’re rooting for the home team or the visitors.

Regardless of your alliances, don’t go anywhere if you’d like cheap Detroit Tigers tickets for a game at Comerica Park or Cleveland Indians tickets for your next visit to Progressive Field. Allow us to help you get your hands on the cheapest Indians vs Tigers tickets available so we can finally get this rivalry heating up.