Frequently Asked Questions

buying tickets with Gametime?
Is Gametime available for iPhone & Android?
Yep! You’ll find us in the App Store and Google Play Store. For smooth sailing, iOS users need version 11.0 or later, and Android users need 5.0 or later. Our website works on both mobile and desktop browsers.
How do I change the email address on my account?
To update your email address, visit the “Account” tab in the app. Tap on your profile info at the top of the screen; then tap on your email address to make changes. Be sure to save your updated info.
How do I reset my password?
We’ll get you logged in – no password needed. Head to the login screen on the “Account” tab in the app and tap “Log In.” Enter your email address, and we’ll send you an email with a secure link to access your account.
How do I update my payment info?
To add, delete, or update a credit or debit card on your account, open your profile in the “Account” tab and scroll down to the “Payment Methods” section. There you can add a new card, update existing payment info, or connect your Venmo account.
What payment methods are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards (including Amex), as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo. All Gametime payments are processed in USD. Payments made outside of the US are subject to change based on your bank’s international currency exchange rate.
Can I display prices in Canadian dollars?
All Gametime prices are shown and processed in US dollars. We do our best to represent prices accurately, and we’re working on adding this feature soon. Stay tuned!
How do I apply a promo code?
To add a promo code to your account, visit the “Account” section of the app and tap “Redeem Code.” Codes must be redeemed pre-purchase to apply to your ticket order.
How do Gametime referral codes work?
Get rewarded when you share Gametime with friends! You can find and share your unique referral code by visiting the “Friends” section of the app. When a friend makes their first purchase using your code, they’ll get $5 off their purchase, and you’ll get $5 in Gametime credit. Share codes must be redeemed pre-purchase and used directly towards a purchase in order for you to receive $5 in credit.
What is All-in Pricing?
Tired of being surprised by hidden fees? Enabling All-In Pricing will allow you to view total ticket costs upfront, including all fees. Simply visit the “Account” tab in the app, tap “Settings,” and toggle All-In Pricing. By turning on this feature, you’ll see the full cost of tickets as you scroll through the app. Once you enable All-In Pricing, this feature will remain on until you change the setting. Note: you’ll need to be logged in to your Gametime account in order to access and edit these settings.
What health requirements are needed to attend my event?
There may be varying requirements dependent upon the venue or location. We recommend checking the venue's official website for the most up-to-date COVID-19 testing, vaccine, or mask policies as venue restrictions are subject to change. Please note that you are responsible for ensuring that you and your party are not denied entry or ejected from a venue for failing to comply with their rules or requirements.
Can I purchase a Gametime Gift Card?
We do not offer gift cards at this time.
Does Gametime have a low price guarantee?
We work hard to ensure we’re surfacing the best possible prices for each event on Gametime, and we stand by our prices. If you find a lower price elsewhere, we’ll give you Gametime credit equal to the difference between the lower price and our price – plus 10%. To verify the pricing, we’ll request a screenshot of both sources with a timestamp within two hours of each other. See our full Price Guarantee for a few conditions:
What is Gametime’s refund policy?
Gametime offers purchase flexibility with Gametime’s 24-Hour Returns. When you purchase with Gametime, you can return your tickets within 24 hours from time of purchase for a full credit to your Gametime account. This policy does not apply for purchases within 72 hours of the event start time, orders for 7 or more tickets, post-season or championship events, music festivals, or for any event in which a negative COVID-19 test is required and the fan fails to obtain a negative test. In those cases, all Gametime ticket sales are final and non-refundable. If you can’t make it to the event, we’ll be happy to help you find your tickets a good home. You can sell any tickets on Gametime that do not require physical or special delivery. To sell your tickets, visit the “Sell” tab in the app and choose from your existing Gametime tickets. If you don’t want to sell your tickets, you can share them with a friend via text or email. For more info on how to sell your tickets, scroll down to the “Selling Tickets” section of our FAQ. Limit one return per customer per month.
What happens if I made an accidental purchase?
Up to 72 hours before the event you are covered by Gametime's 24-Hour Returns*. Within 72 hours all Gametime ticket sales are final and non-refundable, but we’ll be happy to help you offload those tickets if you can’t attend. To sell your tickets, visit the “Sell” tab in the app and choose from your existing Gametime tickets. If you don’t want to sell your tickets, you can share them with a friend via text or email. For more info on how to sell your tickets, scroll down to the “Selling Tickets” section of our FAQ. * Our 24-Hour Returns only apply to regular season sports, concerts, and theater events. Post-season and championship events are not eligible for refunds at any time. Purchases for events where a negative COVID-19 is required and buyer fails to obtain a negative test or cannot attend due to a positive test result are not eligible for a return. Purchases of seven or more tickets are not eligible for returns. Limit one return per customer per month.
What happens if my event is cancelled?
Our Gametime Guarantee protects 100% of your purchase and promises that your seats will be valid for the purchased event. If the event is postponed, your tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date. For events that are cancelled and not rescheduled, you'll receive a refund. If the seller of the ticket has already been paid, your refund will be processed after we recover the payment from the seller of the ticket. Alternatively, we may offer you a credit at or higher than the full cost of the ticket. We're always working hard to go above and beyond for our fans.
How do I share a ticket?
You can share any Gametime ticket with a friend via text or email. Just go to the “Tickets” tab in the app, choose the tickets you want to share, and tap “Assign” to send the ticket to one of your contacts.
Can I take back a ticket once I’ve shared it?
Yes! If you’d like to take back a ticket that you’ve shared with a friend, visit the Order Confirmation page within “Tickets” and tap “Reassign.” You can choose whether to keep the ticket yourself or reassign it to someone else.
Can I add tickets to an existing order?
You can purchase additional tickets to an upcoming event through a separate order. Simply visit your Order Confirmation page within “Tickets” and tap “View More Seats.” We’ll surface additional listings for that event. Note that we can’t guarantee there will still be tickets available near your current seats. Your order will be processed as a separate transaction, and you’ll see both tickets listed separately within your account.
What does "SRO" mean?
Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets will grant you entry into an event, but you won’t have a reserved seat once you’re inside the venue.
What does "Special Delivery" mean?
Most venues now accept mobile tickets, but a few still require unique ticket types. If an event is marked as “Special Delivery” it means your mobile ticket will not be in the standard Gametime format and might be sent to you electronically outside the Gametime platform. We’ll send you personalized instructions for these events to make sure redeeming your tickets is as easy as possible.
Can I purchase ADA seating on Gametime?
Unfortunately, we’re not able to indicate which seats are ADA compatible in the app.
Why is the face value of my tickets different than what I paid?
The “face value” of tickets is the original price set by the team or event organizers when tickets first go on sale. Due to market demand for a particular event, ticket prices may increase or decrease when these tickets are resold on the secondary market (i.e. on a marketplace like Gametime.) We’re always working hard to make sure you’re getting the best deals possible, so you can rest assured that the price you paid is equal to the current market value of the ticket.
Where can I find my tickets?
Most tickets are delivered directly into your account. If you’re a new customer, we’ll ask for your email address and phone number after purchase to create your account. Once your tickets have been delivered, you can view, share, and scan them from the “Tickets” tab. If your venue requires the tickets to be printed, you’ll be able to print them from this screen. In a few rare instances, physical ticket delivery or other special delivery methods may be required by the team or venue. When this happens, we’ll send you special instructions on how to access your tickets. Below are the ticket types we support and their delivery methods: • Mobile tickets – delivered in-app • Printed tickets – in-app and via email • Physical delivery tickets – shipped to you or available at will call • Special delivery – transferred electronically to you, with special instructions provided based on team or performer
When will my tickets arrive?
Our goal is to provide the smoothest, fastest mobile ticketing experience possible. While the majority of tickets are downloaded instantly to the “Tickets” section of the app, there are some cases where it takes our sellers a little longer to release the tickets. Don’t worry – we guarantee they’ll be delivered to you before the start of the event. Keep in mind that there are some events that require physical delivery or other unique delivery methods. In those cases, we’ll communicate personalized instructions for when to expect your tickets.
I was notified my tickets were delivered, but I don’t see them in my account. Where are they?
If you don’t see your tickets, first double-check that you’re signed into the right account. Make sure the correct email and phone number are listed in your profile and that you see an accurate purchase history. If you confirm you’re in the right account and still don’t see your tickets, please email us at and we’ll send them your way.
Why is there someone else’s name on my tickets?
When teams and performers first issue tickets to the primary ticket holder (for example, a season ticket holder), the tickets will display the original purchaser’s name. If they choose to sell their tickets, their name will still appear on the ticket. Don't worry – they’re your tickets now, and you're good to go!
Why do my tickets require shipping?
Unfortunately, some events and venues only accept hard-copy, physical tickets. But don’t worry – we guarantee that your tickets will arrive in time for your event. If your tickets require shipping, we’ll email you the tracking info so you can stay up-to-date on when they’ll arrive.
Why do I have to print my tickets?
Unfortunately, some events and venues still require fans to print tickets. Any ticket listing that requires printed tickets will have a printer icon on the checkout page, so you have a heads up in advance. We’re doing our best to encourage all events to allow mobile access – hopefully printing will soon be a thing of the past for all venues!
How do I print my tickets?
Some events still require printed tickets – be sure to double-check prior to heading to your event. There are a few different ways to access and print your tickets. Option 1: From your email (For events that require printed tickets) - Click the PDF link in your emailed receipt, which we sent to the email address used for your Gametime account. PDF links only show on receipts for events that require printing. Option 2: From the Gametime app via “Print” (For events that require printed tickets) - Go to the “Tickets” tab of the app > tap “View Ticket” > Switch to PDF view at the top of the screen > tap “Print” > enter the email where you would like to receive the tickets. Open the email from > click the “View Ticket” link > download as a PDF > print! Option 3: From the Gametime app via “Share” (For events that accept mobile tickets) - Go to the “Tickets” section of the app > tap “Share” > enter the email address where you would like to receive your tickets. Open the email from > click the “View Ticket” link > download as a PDF > print!
My tickets aren’t scanning at the venue. What should I do?
All Gametime purchases are guaranteed, and we don’t expect any issues when entering the venue. However, if for any reason you are having difficulty scanning your tickets at an event, here are a few quick steps to help get you in quickly: - Confirm you’re scanning either from an iPhone or Android device or from a printed PDF ticket. Do not try to scan a screenshot. - Confirm the barcode scanner machine is actually reading the barcode (if nothing beeps or reads, we recommend turning up the brightness on your screen). If you are scanning a shared ticket, please call the original purchaser to confirm that they have shared the correct ticket with you. - Confirm you are updated on the latest version of the Gametime app. - Confirm you have tried another gate and another scanner. - If the above doesn't work, we can resolve your issue faster than the ticket office. Give us a call at (888) 355-0132. You can also reach out via real-time chat in the app or email us at
selling tickets with Gametime?
Why should I sell my tickets on Gametime?
Can’t make it to the event? Gametime offers a fast and easy way to offload your tickets. We’ll do our best to find your tickets a good home, with automated pricing updates as the market changes. Sell tickets from any source, and get paid seamlessly via PayPal or Gametime credit.
Are my tickets guaranteed to sell?
The short answer is no. The ticket market is unpredictable and constantly changing based on supply and demand, so we can’t guarantee that your tickets will sell. That said, we do our best to price competitively with the market to give you the best chance of selling your tickets.
Can I also list my tickets on other platforms?
Yes, you can list your tickets on Gametime as well as other platforms. However, we don’t encourage it because there’s a good chance you could double-sell your tickets, which is less than ideal. If you do choose to list your tickets on another platform, you’re required to keep your Gametime listing up-to-date. Keep in mind that if your tickets are double-sold or are invalid for any reason, you could be penalized up to the full price of the tickets plus any resolution costs we incur because of the incident. Bottom line: you’re better off not taking the chance.
What if my tickets sell somewhere else first?
If your tickets sell on another platform, remove your listing immediately from Gametime by tapping “Unlist Your Tickets” on the Sell tab. Failure to remove your listing could result in strict penalties. If your tickets are sold elsewhere and on Gametime, please let us know asap at
Why can’t I adjust the listing price of my tickets?
Our goal is to make the selling process as easy as possible, so you don’t have to constantly check back, monitor the market, and adjust your pricing. Our system automatically updates your ticket price based on comparable seats and what’s selling in the market, removing the guesswork – and plain old work – from the process. You can always set a floor if you prefer not to go below a certain price.
How does the "minimum price" work?
If you prefer not to go below a certain price per ticket, you can set a minimum selling price. We’ll offer a recommendation based on the market, but we recommend setting that price as low as possible to give your tickets a better chance of selling.
Why am I required to have a payment method on file for selling?
For security purposes, we require that you have a valid credit card on file to sell tickets on Gametime. We won’t charge your card unless your tickets are found to be fraudulent or double-sold.
When can I list tickets I bought on Gametime?
If you’d like to resell tickets purchased on Gametime, you can list them as soon as the tickets are delivered to your account. Keep in mind that ticket delivery time varies by seller, and some tickets will not arrive in your account until the day of the event.
How late can I remove my tickets?
You can remove your unsold tickets at any time up until 90 minutes after the event starts. Once your tickets have sold, we are not able to take them back from the buyer.
How will I get paid?
You can choose between PayPal or Gametime credit (plus a bonus). By default, your payout method is set to Gametime credit, though you can adjust your choice up to 48 hours after the event. Once payment has been processed, you’re no longer able to change your payout method.
When will I get paid?
You’ll be automatically paid 48 hours after the event. If you choose PayPal, you’ll receive payment to the PayPal email address you provided. If you select Gametime credit, we’ll automatically add the credit it to your account – plus a bonus! You can view your credit in the "Account" section of the app.
Why are the payout amounts different for Gametime credit and PayPal?
If you choose to be paid in Gametime credit, we give you an extra bonus! You can select which payout option you prefer until 48 hours after the event.
I have several tickets together – can I sell only a few?
Yes, you can select which individual tickets you’d like to sell. For tickets you’ve purchased on Gametime, you will be prompted to choose which seats you want to sell. If you’re selling more than one ticket, they must be next to each other. If you’re selling tickets from another platform, simply upload only the tickets you’d like to sell. If they aren’t next to each other, please sell them separately.
What happens if the event is cancelled?
In the case of an event cancellation, we’ll refund your original ticket price via the original form of payment. If your tickets have already sold, we’ll also reverse the payout associated with the sale (either removing Gametime credit or canceling your PayPal payout). Gametime is not responsible for the refund of tickets originally purchased on another platform.
How can I increase my chances of selling?
If you know you can’t go to the event, list your tickets as soon as possible. Though the last minute is our bread and butter, many of our users prefer to plan in advance – so give people plenty of time to find and buy them! Removing the minimum price will also give your tickets a better chance of selling, as it’ll give our system more flexibility to price with the market as demand fluctuates.
Why were my tickets rejected?
Your tickets may have been rejected due to blurry photos, incomplete event details, or other missing info. You should have received a text with the reason we weren’t able to process your tickets. In most cases, you can upload a new photo of your tickets and try again. On rare occasions, we may not be able to list certain types of tickets.
What if my tickets don’t sell?
It’s a bummer, but it’s possible. The ticket market fluctuates often, and there are times when even high-demand events don’t sell. To give your tickets the best opportunity to sell, your tickets may be sold individually. You will only receive a payout for tickets that sell.
I sold my ticket, but I changed my mind. Can I get it back?
Once you sell your tickets, we immediately deliver them to the buyer and are unable to take them back. If you’d like to attend the event, your best bet is to repurchase.
I sold my ticket, but I’m unhappy with the price. What can I do?
We’re sorry to hear that you’re disappointed! Unfortunately, we’re unable to make any pricing changes once your tickets have sold. To avoid a letdown like this in the future, next time be sure to set a minimum price – we’ll do our best to sell your tickets without going below that price floor.
transfer tickets with Gametime?
What are mobile transfer tickets?
Mobile transfer tickets are delivered outside of the Gametime app via a third-party secure ticketing platform (i.e. Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, the MLB Ballpark app, or the team’s primary ticketing site). While these tickets do require a few extra steps to access, don’t worry – they’re completely secure and guaranteed to arrive in time for your event. If we could, we’d deliver all of your tickets within the Gametime app. However, some venues and sports teams require that their tickets remain on the primary (original) purchase site. In these cases, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to retrieve your tickets. When you complete your Gametime purchase we’ll notify the seller, and they’ll initiate a ticket transfer to you. Before the event date, you’ll receive an email with a link to accept the tickets and will be prompted to log into the third-party site to accept the transfer. If you don’t yet have an account, you may need to create one at that time. Once the transfer is complete, you’ll be able to view your tickets and enter the venue by scanning the mobile barcode on your phone. Not that you can’t print mobile transfer tickets – they need to be scanned from your phone for entry at the venue. You might have to download another app to accept and view your tickets. Read the rest of our Mobile Transfer FAQ for more details about where to find your mobile transfer tickets and any other questions you may have.
Where do I find my mobile transfer tickets?
If you’ve purchased mobile transfer tickets on Gametime, we’ll walk you through the process to get your tickets as quickly and easily as possible. To view your mobile transfer tickets, you'll need to accept a ticket transfer from the seller through a secure third-party ticketing platform. Here are the steps to claim and view your mobile transfer tickets: 1. Receive Transfer Email Before your event date, you’ll get an email from the seller via Ticketmaster (or another platform like SeatGeek, the MLB Ballpark app, or the team’s primary ticketing site). In the transfer email, you’ll find a link to accept your tickets. Be sure to check your spam or junk folder if you don’t see the email. 2. Accept Ticket Transfer Click the “Accept” link and follow the steps to log into the platform where your tickets will be delivered. If you don’t yet have an account on that site, you’ll be prompted to create one before accepting your tickets. Once you’re logged in, enter the requested details to accept your ticket transfer, including accepting the terms and conditions. When the transfer is complete, you’ll see a screen confirming that you’ve successfully accepted the tickets. 3. Scan in at the Venue To enter the venue, pull up your mobile tickets on your iPhone or Android. Note that your tickets will not appear in the Gametime app – be sure to log into the account where you accepted your ticket transfer. Please don’t try to print your mobile transfer tickets.
I can’t find the email with my mobile transfer tickets.
When your ticket transfer has been initiated, you’ll get two emails – one from Gametime as a heads up, and one from the seller with a link to accept your tickets. This email might come from Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, the official team site, or directly from the seller. If you’re having trouble finding your transfer email from the seller, try searching your email for “transfer” or the team/artist name, and be sure to check your spam or junk folder. Once you locate the email with your ticket transfer, click the “Accept” link and follow the simple prompts to access the tickets. If you still can’t find your ticket transfer email, reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help.
I’ve accepted my mobile transfer tickets, but I don’t see them in my account.
For security reasons, some teams and venues do not release their tickets until the day of the event. As long as you’ve successfully accepted your ticket transfer, you’re all set. The mobile ticket barcodes will appear in time for your event. Note: Make sure you’re using the correct email address and logged into the account where you accepted your tickets (usually via Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, the MLB Ballpark app, or the team’s primary ticketing site).
I accidentally declined my ticket transfer. What should I do?
Don’t worry – we can help. Shoot us an email at with your order details, and we’ll reach out to the seller to resend the ticket transfer. When you receive the new ticket transfer email, be sure to choose “Accept.” Note: Declining your ticket transfer will not issue a refund or cancel your Gametime order.
How do I get into the event with mobile transfer tickets?
You’ll need to accept your transfer tickets before you can scan in at the venue on your mobile phone. Once the transfer is complete, you will view the tickets through the mobile website or app where you accepted them. Please don’t try to print your mobile transfer tickets.
Can I share my mobile transfer tickets with a friend?
Because transfer tickets must be accessed outside of the Gametime app, you won’t be able to share these tickets via Gametime. However, you may be able to share your tickets on the platform where they’re hosted.
Can I resell my mobile transfer tickets?
Unfortunately, you’re not able to resell mobile transfer tickets within the Gametime app. However, you may be able to resell your tickets on the platform where they’re hosted.
What is Monumental Sports?
Monumental Sports is a network that manages ticketing for sports teams in the D.C. area, including the Wizards, Capitals, and Mystics. In partnership with Ticketmaster, Monumental Sports will provide secure transfer tickets for a handful of events and venues listed on the Gametime app.
I have a question not listed here!
Reach out to our Fan Happiness team at If your event is today and you have an urgent situation, give us a call at (888) 355-0132 – we're available every day between 9 am - 8 pm PST.
Can I delete my account?
To submit a request for deletion, you may call us at (888) 257-3618 , email your request to , or visit