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buying tickets with Gametime?
Is Gametime available for iPhone & Android?
Do you guarantee your low prices?
If something comes up or I mistakenly buy tickets, can I get a refund?
Where’s my city? Where is my team and/or performer?
What teams and performers do you support?
What is your policy on event cancellations (rainouts, postponement, etc)?
Do you accept all major payment methods, including AMEX, as well as Apple Pay, Pay with Google and Venmo?
Are all prices for Canadian teams in CAD or USD?
What does SRO mean?
What does Special Delivery mean?
Can I purchase ADA seating on Gametime?
Why is the face value of the ticket sometimes different than what I paid?
How do I use the Gametime Promo Code?
How come I don’t see a credit applying to my account?
Why do I get an error using my share code?
How do I update or add payment information?
How do I reset my password?
How can I share my ticket with someone else?
Where are my tickets delivered?
When will my tickets arrive?
I was notified that my tickets were delivered, but I don’t see them in my account. Why are my tickets not in my account?
Why is there another name on the tickets?
My event requires shipping?
I see “Printing Required” on the checkout page. I thought Gametime meant No Printing?
What should I do if my tickets are not scanning?
selling tickets with Gametime?
What's the benefit of selling on Gametime?
Do you guarantee my tickets will sell?
What is ‘Sell It Now’ and how it is different from marketplace selling?
Can I list tickets on Gametime and on other platforms?
What if my tickets sell somewhere else first?
Why can’t I adjust the listing price of my tickets?
What are my payout options?
When will I get paid?
Why do I see a different payout amounts between the Gametime credit and Paypal options?
What if I have a larger pack of tickets but I only want to sell a few? Is that possible?
What happens if the event is cancelled?
What if my tickets don’t sell?
What can I do next time to increase my chances of selling?
I sold my tickets with Sell It Now but changed my mind and want to go. Can I get my tickets back?
transfer tickets with Gametime?
What are mobile transfer tickets?
Where do I find my mobile transfer tickets?
I can’t find the email with my mobile transfer tickets.
I’ve accepted my mobile transfer tickets, but I don’t see them in my account.
I accidentally declined my ticket transfer. What should I do?
How do I get into the event with mobile transfer tickets?
Can I share my mobile transfer tickets with a friend?
Can I resell my mobile transfer tickets?
What is Monumental Sports?
Other Questions?