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Mariners vs Athletics Tickets

If two teams play in the same division, it’s only a matter of time until they start getting in one another’s way. At some point, both teams will fancy themselves as the best team in the division, and with only one division champion crowned every year, it’s only natural for some animosity and bitterness to develop, which has been the case on a few occasions between the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics, causing a rivalry to develop between the two AL West foes.


Mariners vs Athletics

During the early 2000s, the Mariners-Athletics rivalry reached its peak. In 2000, the teams were forced to play a tiebreaker game to decide the AL West winner. The A’s won the game, forcing the Mariners to settle for the Wild Card. Seattle got some redemption the following year, holding off Oakland for the division title, only for the A’s to take the crown in 2002 and 2003 despite strong efforts from the Mariners. The intensity and high level of competition between Oakland and Seattle during those four seasons was something special for both fanbases to witness, even if they didn’t realize it at the time.

Nowadays, there’s a little less tension but a lot at stake when the Athletics and Mariners get together 19 times a year. Both teams have also grown accustomed to visiting each other’s ballparks. Since 1999, the Mariners have made their home at T-Mobile Park, a lovely ballpark with a retractable roof that can keep out the Seattle rain but let the sunshine in when the clouds dispersed. As for the A’s, they continue to make their home at Oakland Coliseum, a massive sun-drenched stadium that can welcome large quantities of both Athletics and Mariners fans.


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