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About A's vs. Giants

Athletics vs Giants Tickets

The rivalry between the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants is one of the most unique in baseball. Rarely are two teams in such close proximity to one another but still in different cities. With the addition of interleague play, these two Bay Area rivals now get to meet on a regular basis. The rivalry has grown so much that in 2018, the winner of the yearly series is awarded a trophy that was created using an actual piece of the original Bay Bridge that once connected Oakland and San Francisco.


Athletics vs Giants

Compared to other rivalries, there is a great deal of respect and kinship between fans of the A’s and Giants. Much of that likely dates back to the most memorable meeting of the two teams, which came in the 1989 World Series. An infamous earthquake interrupted that series minutes before the start of Game 3, causing a 10-day delay in the much-anticipated World Series between the two Bay Area teams. When the series resumed, Oakland completed a sweep of San Francisco.

The two teams have yet to meet again in a World Series, but the fans show each other plenty of hospitality when they get together every year. While a little old, Oakland Coliseum has more than enough room to fit both Athletics and Giants fans. Meanwhile, Oracle Park in San Francisco provides magnificent views of the bay, as well as the city of Oakland in the distance, making the visiting Athletics fans feel close to home.


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